(A)DD: H&M Divided Hip Length Wool Biker Jacket

H&M is no stranger to good deals, but this… this is different.

A wool-blend coat in the sale section is already a big deal, but if you’re familiar with (Almost) Daily Deals, you know that the only criteria is that they be $25 or less. So 1 + 1 = a wool blend coat in the clearance section, available in all sizes (2-14), for $25. Fantastic.

H&M Divided Wool Blend Motorcycle Jacket

But that’s not the part of this find that’s giving me goosebumps. This is no ordinary wool-blend coat in a motorcycle jacket style for $25, no… This is a hip length wool-blend motorcycle jacket in all sizes for $25.

H&M Divided Wool Blend Motorcycle Jacket Hip Length

Check it out!: Divided Wool-Blend Biker Coat, was $59.95 now $25 at H&M

Do you grasp the scope of what’s going on here? The #1 complaint ladies of curvy and varied body proportion have with motorcycle jackets is that they are so freaking short! The ones I try on end right below my waistline, but clear above my hips, making me look like I got a special jacket for my gigantic boobs.

There are a few exceptions, of course, but who needs exceptions when the jacket goes all the way to your hip?! This opens up a whole new set of shapes for wearing jackets with dresses or leggings or just plain old jeans.

As the icing on the cake, this jacket has faux leather sleeves, which makes it very current. I love the play on textures, it’s an excellent update on a basic black coat.