(A)DD: Insight Faux Leather Jacket in Aqua

Feeling too “put together” is a feeling I kind of hate. I don’t like feeling like I look like an Avon lady or a congresswoman – I’m so, so far from either, despite my love for well-tailored clothes and coordinates.

Wedding season is a period of time in which I struggle to find whatever my “personal style” is. I don’t know how to dress appropriately for a formal occasion while still expressing myself. More notably, I’m not great at dressing modestly, and these types of events kind of demand it.

My other problem — I love neutrals a little bit, um, too much. Meaning 80% of my wardrobe is some form of black, grey, brown, or eerie beige. I am coming to terms with the fact that I have become boring, and I don’t like it.

When I came across this aqua colored faux leather jacket from Insight, I got a quick flash of what it might be like to translate my semi-sloppy but fitted style into a formal-ish, put-together style that’s appropriate for presenting myself as an adult in public.

Insight Faux Leather Waterfall Jacket

This jacket is at once interesting, edgy, and totally appropriate for professional and formal occasions! It’s very high quality brushed faux leather, which is more like a faux micro-suede, and is very thin so as not to overwhelm you. More than that, it’s marked down 72% off of $177 making it less than $50.

It comes in sizes 0-16 (with the exception of size 10 – sorry!) and has a cropped waterfall jacket design that doesn’t technically have a front closure. These types of jackets are really cute over dresses or most tops, but can be really annoying on windy days or in windy areas because there’s literally nothing to close to keep it shut! Something to make a note of if you live in Chicago or in a valley somewhere.

Nevertheless, the vibrant aqua color and flattering, draped layers can’t be ignored. The silver hardware and the accent of black make it really flowy-bohemian and sporty-graphic at the same time. This would gently cool down any warm-tone outfit you might have, and look good with just about every palette – over a floral, over twill, over grey, over mustard yellow… There are few styles that this jacket wouldn’t nicely highlight.

Find out for yourself!

Check it out!: Insight Faux Leather Jacket, $49.97 (was $177) at Nordstrom Rack

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