(A)DD: Kendra Scott Kylie Druzy Ring

Druzy rings, or anything featuring the natural texture of stones and crystals, already drive me crazy with romance, but when you add this gold-bronze color and these bajillion fractal peaks, it compounds my love for natural textures. I can’t resist “dark gold” and all of these flat, perfect ridges and canyons of this stone catch light in such a beautiful way. Whoever thought a hexagon could look so sexy?

Kendra Scott Kylie Druzy RingAll in all, it’s a pretty casual ring that, up close, looks about as black tie as you can get. It shimmers, it sparkles, but it doesn’t really yell that loudly. And it doesn’t break the bank either.

Check it out!: Kendra Scott Kylie Druzy Ring, $24.97 (was $65) at Nordstrom Rack

The ring, itself, is 14k gold and the beautiful druzy stone is a goldish-bronze agate. Druzy agates can come in all tones and colors, but this one feels extra decadent – maybe because it reminds me of gold leaf over dark chocolate…? It does make me hungry. Or maybe I’m prematurely lusting for autumn… I can feel it coming. I can smell it, I can sense it, and I am gonna watch every fall-related movie that’s ever been made. It’s gonna be sweet. Now that I think about it, this ring is pretty much my fall aesthetic, to put it Tumblr-ly.

Right now, this ring is over 60% off at Nordstrom Rack, and Kendra Scott jewelry – I can attest – is as beautiful as simple jewelry can get.