(A)DD: Leith Ornate Crystal Necklace

This is a piece for the girls who love to wear all black, all the time. Maybe it’s also for the girls whose idea of formalwear is your really nice v-neck tee. Style doesn’t have to be all clothing, all the time, having an incredible accessory like this ornate crystal necklace from Leith can do a lot more for your look than any combination of tops and bottoms. Sometimes, your accessories need to have the spotlight!

Leith Ornate Crystal Necklace

Somehow… this isn’t tacky. Everything about this much sparkle and shine dictates that it should be at least a little ostentatious. But it isn’t. It’s actually… really classy. Look how it lays on a neck-like surface:

Leith Ornate Crystal Statement Necklace

You can see that there are lots and lots of textures going on with very little change in color tone, which is I think what saves it from tacky-ville. The limited number of super-sparkly crystals makes a big contribution to the classiness of this, too. They are still there, but their delightful gaudiness is reigned in.

To me, this is perfect for the times you need to be somewhere and look respectable, but just really would rather wear your favorite sweater and PajamaJeans. Throw this on top of anything crewneck and elevate the crap out of your outfit. The only way people will know that you’re faking it is if you go in a face mask and shower cap. So don’t do that.

Leith Ornate Crystal Necklace, $23.98 (was $48) at Nordstrom