(A)DD: Lipstick Queen Fired Up Lip Gloss

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to try the luxurious products that make Lipstick Queen a cult favorite, now is your chance! SpaceNK, notoriously expensive, has a gorgeous, sheer, red gloss on sale for 50% off putting it under $10!

Lipstick Queen Fired Up Red Lip GlossLipstick Queen’s Fired Up┬áis super sheer, but packs a very serious punch when it comes to color. I wish I had been able to find a video review of this product, but Makeup Alley has very, very good things to say about Fired Up. One reviewer mentioned that it leaves a really pleasant stain on your lips once the gloss is gone. I’m all ’bout dat!

It’s hard to even find a swatch or pair of lips with Lipstick Queen Fired Up on it, despite the fact that it seems to be pretty popular. The lack of evidence can be balanced by the fact that it’s just a tiny investment of $9 to try something that 100% of people on Makeup Alley said they would definitely buy again.

Check it out!: Lipstick Queen Fired Up Lip Gloss, $9 (was $18) at SpaceNK

Fired Up was created to honor the legendary red lips of Rosie The Riveter, and upon its release, directed its profits to a charity called Count Me In which helps women become employed.


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