(A)DD: Lydell NYC Layered Triangle Chain Necklace

When body chains became a thing, they immediately got filed into the “yeah, there is absolutely no way” folder. As in, there is absolutely no way that I will ever have any kind of scenario that would make a visible body chain an accessory choice that I would make for myself. I am not a petite gal in any sense of the word, so body chains conjure up images of cleavage chains and conversations that might include phrases like “no, that’s not my muffin top, that’s just my body chain.”

It’s not that I don’t like them – they’re cool! I actually really love them! – it’s just that body chains are in no way created or popularized with my body type in mind. At all. I give mad props to the girls who wear them on a regular basis and by all means, flaunt that shit, but it’s just not for me and my huge boobs and weird hip-to-waist ratio (though there are some plus size gals whose sauciness in body chains could effectively make my entire post into a pile on meaningless word jumbles).

Necklaces, on the other hand, are not a problem for me. When designers like Lydell NYC make a body chain reminiscent necklace with multiple chains, minimalist shapes, and a statement-making appearance – I’m all over it.

Lydell NYC Triangle Layered Chain Necklace 1

Lydell NYC Layered Triangle Chain Necklace, $32 $17.50 at Last Call Neiman Marcus

There are lots of cool textures and patterns to play with, and it’s just oversized enough to make it worth wearing, in my opinion. Not that dainty necklaces are crap or anything, but when it comes to delicate but bold pieces like this one, that walk the line between minimalist and statement, I think bigger is always better. It highlights the chains as less of a hanging essential and more of a featured material.

Lydell NYC Triangle Layered Chain Necklace

This necklace does “glitzy” in a way that I, as someone who strays away from most things “rhinestone,” can feel comfortable wearing. There is a messy smattering of rhinestone pave around the bottom edges, and a geometric zig-zag pattern in the middle piece. The chains and hardware actually blend silvertone and goldtone which, if you ask me, adds to the sassiness of this “I do what I want” oversized, minimalist, rhinestone, layered chain necklace.

I also like that the middle piece looks a bit like a fish bone. Must be the fisherman’s blood in me!

Lydell NYC Layered Chain Necklace, $17.50 at Last Call Neiman Marcus


Probably watching Netflix.