(A)DD: Summery D’Orsay Flats Under $20

It’s been at least two years since a pair of flats have been present in my life. There have been plenty of flat boots and sandals, but no actual flats.

That may change this summer, thanks largely in part to my extreme disdain for lacing up or buckling on shoes when I’m in a hurry and don’t want to look too casual in flip-flops.

Merona D'Orsay Flats at Target

For a long time, d’orsay flats came off as kind of dowdy, old lady wear… but over the last year, I’ve seen enough pairs of completely wearable d’orsay flats that I don’t immediately scroll past when I see them — which is good, because these Merona flats are on sale for $18.39.

Check it out!: Merona Bernice D’Orsay Flats, were $22.99 now $18.39 at Target

There are three styles to choose from in the Bernice flats: tan faux leather heel with black faux suede toe, a navy and white striped pair, and fully black patent leather. There are loads of sizes available though I predict that this price will change that!

Bring it on, summer!