(A)DD: Sun & Shadow Pom Trim Dolphin Shorts & Mixed Lace Tank

Even I have to admit that I get a little bit intoxicated by hipster iconography while scrolling through Tumblr. Instagram-ready images of girls posed in tall grass in kimono cardigans and bohemian fabrics… In reality, they’re probably staging a photoshoot off a highway somewhere and just to the left four feet is a strip mall with a Subway and a 7/11… The image is whimsical and carefree – everything the empty field behind a CVS should be.

When it comes to actually seeing the clothes in the store – well, it doesn’t often happen, and when it does, the prices are usually marked up for those summer babes who just have to get that “authentic festival look” before dropping $200 to go to a crowded field and listen to bands play. Some pieces, though, are derivatives from vintage styles that are truly timeless, and if you can’t nail down the actual vintage piece, paying homage through re-creations is always fair play.

The funny thing is that, while I’m totally entranced by this imagery, I envision myself in the clothes but wearing them completely differently. I want to wear them in other seasons with modern garments like patterned tights and moto jackets.

These two pieces from Sun & Shadow are perfectly bohemian in the first two photos, but seeing them alone in the product photos makes my imagination explode. Booties with those patterned dolphin shorts (I’m interested in wearing whatnow?), that lace top with a black blazer over top… Honestly, none of my imaginary outfits are fitting for summer. Am I over it already? Maybe. Or maybe I’m a Pacific Northwesterner who has been trapped in a heat wave for two months and now I want to go home. RAIN ON ME. FORCE ME TO WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES.

The fabric used on those dolphin shorts makes me so happy. Add the fact that there are tiny pom poms for trim and wide leg opening, and you have a cute and incredibly comfy, delightfully over-the-top pair of shorts.

In the meantime, explore more Sun & Shadow boho garb and enjoy the oppressive heat!

Sun & Shadow Mixed Lace Tank, $22.80 (was $38)
Sun & Shadow Pom Trim Dolphin Shorts, $22.80 (was $38)

You can find these as well as more Sun & Shadow at Nordstom, where you can also enjoy free shipping!

Probably watching Netflix.