BeGood $15 Organic Cotton Tees – Every Day!

BeGood is a company that really prides itself on being accessible. Ethical and accessible sadly don’t go hand in hand too often when it comes to fashion, but that’s starting to change, and BeGood is leading the way.

BeGood Spring Knits

BeGood just released their spring line of colors for knits which include muted earth tones like “clay” and “blue ice” along with their standard neutrals like black and white. Oh, would you look at that — inspired by the Pacific Northwest! No wonder I already have an uncontrollable bias.

They have a full line of amazing, eco-friendly clothing, but what my heart wants is their 100% Organic Cotton Tees

The Pine Tee (impossible not to write pine tree) and the Powell Tee are two quintessentially basic t-shirts. Basic in shape, basic in application, but far from basic in terms of construction and materials. BeGood uses cotton from Canada, then brings it two miles away from their CA headquarters to their workshop where they sew & assemble each organic tee nice and close to home. Pretty much everything happens in California!

BeGood Ethical Dye Process

Their tees are famously only 4.5 ounces each and only $15, so if a lightweight tee is on your wish list, or if you have extremely precise and meticulous t-shirt requirements, this may be what you’ve been searching for.

BeGood also rewards you for good behavior via their excellent referral program. Much like other sites, this one requires a membership (email subscription — very nonintrusive) and offers you store credit for referring friends. What’s cool about BeGood is that referring friends means encouraging someone else to start buying sustainably manufactured organic cotton tees. That’s not a very hard idea to get behind.

Bonus Discount: Use the code “begood” at checkout to get $20 off of $50!