Bombsheller’s Birthday = 15% off for Everyone

Bombsheller has officially been Seattle’s most exciting custom leggings company for one whole year. Coincidentally (not), Bombsheller leggings have been in my life for one whole year, as well – and nothing’s been the same since. For their birthday, they’re offering 15% off your favorite leggings! See the code at the bottom of the post!

Bombsheller Leggings Review

If this is your first exposure to Bombsheller, you’d better sit down. They are a hyper-creative, ultra-active mix of hippies and tech nerds that came together to create literally the best leggings I’ve ever worn.

While they have unbelievably beautiful designs and offer design opportunities to independent artists (who are compensated for their work! It could be you!), what I love most about Bombsheller leggings is their epic versatility. They work for going out, working out, eating out, laying out… Any kind of -out, they’re perfect for. Plus, these leggings are SPF50+, so you don’t have to worry about UV rays ruining your laying out days!

Last year, I did six months of three-times-per-week fitness training and every single day, I wore Bombsheller leggings. They are the only athletic leggings I’ve found that are beautiful, unique, and completely opaque, even when they’re stretched to the limit. This made my butt crack anxiety and my squats better for an all around more awesome workout. You wouldn’t believe the number of compliments I got every day, either…!

The first pair I ever got were #DeerDamask, but a few months after receiving them, I started to get an itch for a new pair…

Peonies, 2x4, Seattle map from 1890, Lichen (!!!), Black Ice, and Urban Jungle
Peonies, 2×4, Seattle map from 1890, Lichen (!!!), Black Ice, and Urban Jungle

When I wrote about Bombsheller the first time, I had featured this image with my favorite other designs, and I couldn’t stop thinking about #LichenLegs – leggings with a black background and a hyper-realistic pillar of lichen running the length of the front and back of each leg. The mix of greens and the incredible slimming & lengthening effect that the leggings contained was too much for me to bear, and the next chance I had – I snatched them up.

Now, I’m dealing with another itch. It’s been months since I dug through their archives of amazing designs looking for a pair to call my own. I’m still incredibly attracted to #Peonies by Alfons Mucha and I always love Bombsheller’s map collection – an antique map of your favorite city!

The antique map leggings that Bombsheller has are:

Get your 15% off and celebrate Bombsheller’s birthday!

Bombsheller 15% off code: BOMBBIRTHDAY

Code is good until 8/16/2015. Enjoy!

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