Daily Deal: BP. Glitter Oversized Boyfriend Watch

I finally figured out how I’m going to incorporate watches into my accessory rotation.

The answer is… this watch.

BP Glitter Boyfriend Watch

Well, more specifically, I’m going to teach myself how to wear a watch by falling madly in love with the perfect watch – something I didn’t think existed (aka a Unicorn). You know when you find a new piece of clothing or a new accessory and all of a sudden, you’re finding ways to wear it with absolutely everything you own? I’m trying to harness that as an instructional aid. Resourceful!

BP Glitter Boyfriend Watch Detail

“Boyfriend style” watches (gross name great look) feel more casual and easy to wear. At the same time, there’s absolutely nothing casual about a face that is literally stuffed to the brim with tiny glittering gems. This one is even a little bit oversized at 40mm, which gives it more of a dramatic jewelry feel.

Check it out!: BP. Glitter Boyfriend Watch, was $22 now $10.98 at Nordstrom

From far away, it looks a little bit like freshly poured asphalt which, against the shiny gold tone looks very cool. Then, when you get close up, the sharp, perfectly-formed shape of each individual little gemstone fits the style and clean-cut feel of the watch’s shape. Contrast, correlate, contrast, correlate… This is just a perfect watch maybe!!!

And remember – because this watch is from Nordstrom, you can have links removed and the size adjusted for freeBless you, Nordstrom.