Budget-Friendly Swimsuits by Independent Designers

My interest in swimwear is definitely on the rise. For most of my life, on a scale of 1-10, my interest in swimsuits fell somewhere around -3.

Combine one pudgy kid with a lot of mega-sensitive feelers and you’ve got yourself a girl who hates swimsuit shopping only slightly less than actually wearing one.

Fast forward to a decade plus whatever years later after some deep thoughts and clarity has manifested, leaving me eager to shed my fears and my fucks so I can step up my swimwear collection. This huge step for my inner-child, and will make hanging out at secluded lakes or drives to the ocean are that much more awesome.

Finding a swimsuit for my body type is still hard, but thanks to sites like Etsy, more independent designers are able to share their designs and, more specifically, their solutions including larger sizes, more supportive construction, and badass fabrics.

Here are my favorite suits from the latest flurry of independent swimsuit designers!

Budget-Friendly Indie Swimsuit Designers


GyvMeBody One PIece Swimsuit
Sexy Support One Piece by GyvMeBody

GyvMeBody has tons of swimsuits, mostly two-pieces, in sizes 8-24. Their designs definitely transcend the traditional styles of swimsuits, there are many straps and bright colors with interesting textures to choose from! Separates are usually around $40-$50 each, and the one-piece swimsuits are around $80.

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Lampades Digital Print Swimsuits
Lampades Glass Digital Print and Chuqui Print Swimsuits

Lithuanian Lampades has a line of digital print swimsuits that are eye-catching and varied. There are some clearly computer-generated images, but also photo prints and texture reproductions like old peeling paint. Each swimsuit is the weird price of $57.88, which is pretty good for an independent designer original!

Alicia Zenobia

Alicia Zenobia Mermaid Swimsuit
Alicia Zenobia Green High Waist Mermaid Bottoms

What initially drew me to Alicia Zenobia was this pair of high-waisted swim bottoms in metallic mermaid print. They have extremely cute swim bottoms and some pretty gorgeous one-pieces. Also, this styling is pretty much identical to what Ariel wore for 50% of The Little Mermaid. So. That’s obviously important.

The cute, high waist bottoms are $40-$50, the strapless tops are about $20, and her stunning one-piece swimsuits are $60-$89 each. All of the swimwear is listed on the Etsy site under “bikinis.”

Peace of Paradise

PeaceOfParadise Oheo One Piece
Peace of Paradise Oheo One-Piece Reversible Swimsuit

This strapless one-piece from the Hawaiian brand, Peace of Paradise, is actually somewhat backless, too. The back has a lattice of structural straps that keep the suit on you while also giving some cool texture-bending against the digital knit print. But if the print isn’t your thing – no worries, you get to choose from Peace of Paradise’s entire fabric library each time you order. You should be sure to pick your two favorite fabrics, because this swimsuit (along with the vast majority of others) is reversible.

The one-piece suits range from $50-$80 and come in sizes 0-22, the two-pieces are sold separately and start at $25. (You can be a one-piece mermaid for only $60.) They also have some really great and highly Hawaiian two-piece suits that look great for all chest sizes. They’re sold individually, so mix & match – just be sure to match your reversible color, too, if you’re into that!

Siobhan Barrett

Siobhan Barrett Donut Bikini
Siobhan Barrett Donut Racer Back Top and High Waisted Bottoms

I know, I know, IknowIknowIknow. There are plenty of Siobhan Barrett suits for everyone, and if donuts aren’t your thing – fear not: hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, ice cream cones… whatever your guilty pleasure, you can now include it in your beach lounging experiences in ways other than just eating it.


If being covered in food is something you like to leave as “just a saying,” Siobhan Barrett also has some very beautiful, more conventional swimsuits that are just as appealing – and they don’t make my stomach growl.

Prices are pretty good considering the unique construction and excellent fabrics. Bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately for $25-$45 and one-pieces seem to hover around $45-$55.

Do you have a favorite swimsuit that makes you feel like a million donuts? Share the brand & the love in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.

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