(A)DD: Damn Good Coffee Mug (Under $3)

Mugs always make me feel better. 9/10 times, mugs are filled with something that is specifically designed to make you feel better. Hot chocolate, coffee, hot buttered rum… There’s no way that lineup of inebriating beverages (whaddup, caffeine!) is going to make your day worse. Come on, you guys, it’s just science.

The other badass feature of mugs: there is no such thing as “having too many.”

This of holidays, winter mornings, slumber parties, and the crew that holds down the fort at 2am with green tea after everyone from the gigantic party has left. You need mugs! They feed your troops vital nutrients like caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol.

You can also subtly nerd out by filling your cupboard with mugs that nod to your favorite things.

cb2 Damn Good Coffee Mug

Like the contents of your mug.

Is that intense? A mug that celebrates its own contents? Well, if you’re not drinking damn good coffee, this damn good coffee mug will make you feel otherwise. The graphics are modern but somewhat retro, and the hand is nice and large – no pinching your fingers when you pick it up to take a sip!

This “Damn Good Coffee” mug is also a damn good coffee mug.

You may have noticed that this website has a substantial coffee tag considering it started out as a fashion blog. I love mugs. But more than that – I love coffee. Combining the two on the inside and on the outside is my dream come true.

Daily Deal: Damn Good Coffee Mug, $2.99 each (were $3.95) at cb2

Also it should be noted that this beautiful mug is 14 oz. That’s almost a grande sized mug. The bigger, the better when it comes to coffee & tea, this is the perfect coffee mug for Sunday morning, Tuesday morning, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon! (Plus all of the other days and times within those days.)

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • May 14, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    I’ve been chasing after this mug for awhile. I need it!

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