“Clueless” Turns 20 & *Still* Doesn’t Have a Job

As far as my childhood influences go, there are a handful of films, books, and albums that will always be at least five times cooler than anything else from anyone else’s childhood.

Were I to have kids right now, they’d sing along with Empire Records and able to recite the lines of Three Amigos at a moment’s notice. Halloweens would be full of Mary Poppins, Roger Rabbit & Cool World characters, and a very prominent Ferris Bueller. They’d also be excited to dye their hair green like Enid Coleslaw of Ghost World, and they would understand self-respect and how to be unafraid when it comes to utilizing rhyming while dissing some Elton after years of watching Clueless.

Silver Whatever Fingers Necklace
Clueless “Whatever” Necklace by Carli Marie Sita

This year marks the two decade reign of Clueless. I don’t have a single friend who hasn’t been touched by this movie, and who hasn’t incorporated one of the many catchphrases or aesthetic styles into their daily life. Hence, nothing made me more excited than seeing that matching coordinates were possibly coming back into style.

While I haven’t slipped into a yellow & black plaid two-piece just yet, I will say that this 1990s style resurgence has given my wardrobe new life. Things I loved but used to downplay – big boots, chokers, terrible catch phrases – can all stand out & shine now that everyone’s come back around to agree that the 90s were the best decade (sorry, it’s just true).

But this is about Clueless, and how we can incorporate a little bit of Clueless into every moment of every day of our lives.

Amy Heckerling, who also directed Fast Times at Ridgemont High, nailed that moment in film history to the wall by plucking a rock video chick and a bunch of newbie kids out of the woodwork and throwing them together in what is now considered an all-star cast. The way she breathed the life of the American 1990s into Shakespeare’s Emma is nothing short of genius. Heckerling said she kept a dictionary of all the words and phrases on her at all times – she literally invented a language!

On July 19th, keep Cher Horowitz, Dion Davenport, and Tye Frasier in your mind and heart, then get your butt onto Netflix & relive the glory!

Happy birthday, Clueless!

What’s your favorite scene from Clueless?

  • Addie

    You had me at Cool World but lost me at Ghost World…. and then picked me back up with Clueless – yes, yes, yes…. cant pull off half the fashion that I used to (looking at you crop tops) but I am loving seeing the 90s making a comeback – that music was the best!

    • Oh wow do you hate Ghost World?! I could seriously talk about 90s movies all day, whether you loved them or hate them. They were so weird/awesome! The fashion is so… concentrated? IDK everyone was so LOUD about their FEELINGS. And yes, the music was absolutely king!!

      • Addie

        Oh no, not hate it so much as just thought it was a bit over the top in what it was (hmmm, maybe all the of 90s was like that and I didn’t really take notice? :) )… I adore 90s movies – adore them, but mostly the teenage ones, those were the best and they haven’t really made good teen movies since then (in my opinion anyway)… yes! teens of the 90s were loud about their feelings – we were told to question and be our own person – Guess that’s where all of us Gen-Xers come from… ha!