It’s Mug Season! 6 Budget-Friendly Mugs

How incredible was Sunday’s super blood harvest moon eclipse? It won’t happen again for another 18 years! We took a walk to an open field with some friends to get a clear shot of the moon, and it reminded me how badly I need to be armed to the teeth with warm beverages at all times for the indefinite future.

After a summer full of droughts and heat waves, Earth sure didn’t waste any time transitioning from brain melting to bone chilling, did it? I’ve been drowning myself in hot coffee every morning, not just because of my extreme addiction to caffeine, but because it’s frequently better than wearing 4 sweatshirts. My afternoon cup(s) may or may not have been spiked with whiskey for extra inner-warmth.

Then this morning, I went to a friend’s place to steal their fresh brewed coffee and ended up using her 6 year old son’s favorite mug. We decided that it’s officially the season of mugs and that we needed find more cool mugs to share, immediately.

Convenient, because I’ve had this cat head mug stuck in my head for the last week.

Anthropologie Cat Head Study Mug

Cat Study Mugs by Leah Goren, $14 (+$6.95 shipping)

Yes, these mugs are perfect. They have everything you want – cats. Cats on the outside, cats on the inside, cats sleeping, cats smiling… As a bonus, this mug boasts a gigantic 16oz. capacity (the equivalent of a grande) and the stoneware material it’s made from will help maintain hot temperatures for way longer than your average mug.

The only imperfection: it’s not available to ship until 12/16/2015! That makes it a great holiday gift, I guess, but definitely doesn’t fill the mug void in my heart. All I can do now is add this mug to my wishlist and move on to other, probably never quite as adorable mugs from other, more available sources.

Sigh. Why do you hurt me, Anthrpologie? Why do you show me something I cannot touch for at least two point five months? It’s cruel. And definitely unusual.


Sur La Table Fox Mug

Fox Mug by Sur La Table, $6.97 (+ $5.99 shipping)

It’s equally as big at 16oz., and equally as insulated since it’s also a stoneware mug. Clearly, it’s equally adorable, and 73% of that is due to fox eyelashes. Ffff.

If you order before 10/25/2015, use the code PUMPKIN to get 20% off one item!

Good Morning Sunshine Mug

Fringe Studio Good Morning Sunshine Mug, $10 (+free shipping!)

On the off-chance you’re a morning person who wakes up and drinks their green tea with doves and swallows landing on your shoulder and braiding your hair, here’s a mug for you. Porcelain is perfect for such a delicate early morning daisy like yourself.

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Good Morning Asshole Mug

Fishs Eddy Good Morning Asshole Mug, $15 (+$6.80 shipping)

…On the other hand, here’s one that matches my personality in the early morning. Plus, it has a cute bird on it, keeping with our unintentional animal theme. It holds 10oz., which is nothing to sniff at, and is ceramic – another excellent heat insulator!

Room Essentials Red Diner Mugs

Room Essentials Stoneware Coffee Mug, $1.99 (only at Target stores)

Those of us who spent valuable high school years in diners will appreciate the classic look of these (extremely inexpensive) mugs. The bright color makes me happy, but these come in all kinds of colors and stripe combinations. Reviewers say that these mugs feel heavy and high quality, and they were pleasantly surprised by the large size of the mugs – from what I can tell, it’s around 15oz.!

Gibson Home Nature Owl Mug

Gibson Home Nature Owl Mug, $4.99 (+$5.99 shipping)

If you love that fine line between “creepy” and “cute,” allow me to introduce you to this owl mug. It comes in three shades, but this murky green-grey is my favorite. It kind of looks like a Tarsier! This little guy holds 12oz and is also stoneware.

As always, my favorite place to find amazing mugs is second-hand stores and thrift shops. I actually went back through posts and realized… I post about coffee mugs a lot. Not too much, but a lot.

There is no shame in my coffee mug game.