(A)DD: re:named Lace Pencil Skirt… or Skort?

Remember last year when oxblood had a mini-revival thanks to the 1990s having a mini-revival? Remember when you realized the 90s started 25 years ago? Weird.

Another trend that emerged last year was the overlay skirt. The basic premise: A mini skirt with a sheer, midi-length pencil skirt over it. This is a cool way to get away with wearing a short skirt without constantly feeling like you are too exposed.

This skirt from re:named takes that concept up a level by adding some heavily textured lace in place of a sheer overlay. I mean, it’s still sheer, but in place of a basic chiffon-like fabric, we have tapestry-like lace overlay with an unfinished hem.

Another thing that makes this skirt a bit special — it’s actually skorts.

re:named Lace Pencil Skirt Skort

The lining is actually not a mini-skirt — it’s an adorable pair of tap shorts. (Sadly not detachable for individual wear.)

I’m actually very excited about this.

re:named Lace Overlay Skirt Oxblood

The look of the lace really impresses me, too. I’m used to 2-dimensional sheets of lace when it comes to open weave styles like this, but the lace overlay on this skirt looks deeply textured and shines a little in direct light, which raises that 2D to a 3D.

It’s called Guipure lace, and a quick Googling tells me that Guipure lace is defined by heavier lace that is connected with “brides” (those little zig-zaggy strings between the shapes) instead of fine net mesh, like most laces we’re familiar with. So I was right! It is mildly special!

Check it out!: re:named Lace Pencil Skirt, was $58 now $17.40 at Shopbop

I don’t often see gems like this on typically higher-end sites like Shopbop. This is marked down so much (70%!), and it’s available in S, M, & L. Contain yourself! (Or don’t.)

Probably watching Netflix.

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