Dedicated: Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Though we tend to think of many Easter traditions as being just for kids filled with one year old boys toys, there’s no reason you can’t refashion some Easter traditions for a celebration with a spouse, partner, friend, or coworkers. Making an Easter basket for a partner or friend is a fun way to show you care and to give a gift just for the fun of it, while also calling up some of the nostalgia of being a kid at Easter.

When choosing Easter gifts for the adults in your life, it’s important to really consider their interests and hobbies. A few retailers take the time to source and curate Easter gifts for adults, but gifting amongst grown-ups is less common at Easter than other holidays, which often means you need to work a bit harder to find the perfect gift.  If it’s someone you know well like a spouse or a best friend, you can be a little more elaborate and creative in including items that would be of significance between the two of you. If it’s a basket for a coworker or other acquaintance, it’s a good idea to stick to a pretty modest budget and to go with plainer items.  Here are some more pointers for different types of recipients:

Easter Baskets for a Spouse or Partner

The most important thing to consider when making your partner’s Easter basket is the kind of gifts that tend to mean the most to them. Some people have expensive taste, so if your partner likes to receive nice things like an expensive bottle of wine, a piece of jewelry, or a nice watch, consider getting one or two “star items” (maybe some earrings and a new perfume for her, or an artisan shaving kit and a nice bottle of whiskey for him) and fill the rest of the basket with smaller items. This could include interesting candies or fine chocolates, more practical items like a nice pen and paper, or something purely for fun like tickets to a show.

Cheese Easter Basket
Source: Evolving Motherhood 

The Just-For-Fun Basket

For a more low-key take on the Easter basket, consider everyday personal items that would be meaningful to your spouse. For example, pick out a book that you think they will like or a game or video game that you would be interested in playing together. You can also stock up on important basics like new underwear and socks for him, or head bands and a new hairbrush for her. Add in some fun nostalgia items like plastic eggs filled with candy or a chocolate bunny. 

If you are a crafty person, consider trying to make something for your partner. These kinds of gifts are less expensive and tend to be more meaningful, though they do require that you find some time away from your spouse to work on their gift in secret!

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For the Parent

If you have children, consider getting your partner something they can share with your kids. For example, if your husband likes to go rock climbing and your son has started to express an interest in being athletic, get your husband a gift card for an athletic equipment store that he can use with your son. Or if your wife enjoys gardening, give her and your daughter matching gardening gloves and spades. Better yet, find a gift related to an activity you can all do together like day passes for the zoo.

Source: Offbeat Life & Home
Source: Offbeat Life & Home

Easter Baskets for the Hobbyist

If someone in your life is very interested in a particular hobby, you can make that hobby the focus of your Easter basket. For example, if your best friend loves to knit, you can gift her a basket filled with a set of nice wooden knitting needles, a bag of stitch markers, or a book of interesting knitting projects (for example, if she just had a baby you could get her a book about knitting for babies). 

Be creative with everything including the basket. For example, use a planting pot for the gardener’s basket or a new make-up bag for the friend who loves makeup.

If a friend recently got a new job, had a baby, got married, or met some other milestone, consider making that the focus of your Easter basket. For example, the basket for the friend with a new office job could include nice pens and notepads, chord organizers, or a new laptop bag.

Easter Baskets for Coworkers, Neighbors, and Other Acquaintances

Easter baskets for this group should probably be kept simple. Set yourself a price limit around $10- $20 and stick to it. Go with items like candy, coffee, tea or small items that are related to their interests. For example, for your coworker who cooks, you can get an Easter cake kit or a set of measuring cups. For your neighbor who loves dogs, you could get a small gift card to a local pet supply store.