Dedicated: All Hail the New Age Bride

The other day I was idly flicking through wedding magazines. Not my usual reading material, but I was in a waiting room and my mobile battery was low, so I was rather forced into it. Anyway, there I was ideally browsing when it struck me how radically different some of these weddings were.

Cookie cutter weddings are out

Gone are the days when every wedding you went to was pretty much the same. The groom and his entourage always wore morning suits and the bride was always dressed in a full-length dress, usually white or cream, lots of lace and a veil. Of course, every dress was different and designed to reflect the wedding fashion of the time, but essentially every wedding had a similar look or feel to it.

Today, that is definitely not the case.

Zombie Wedding

Themed weddings rock

Every wedding is very different. People are getting very creative when it comes to their weddings and turning it very much into a day that reflects them as a couple. Their interests, tastes and sense of style are all clear from their wedding day.

There are some great examples of people taking this to the extreme. Zombie weddings are almost de rigueur, but some of my favourite themed weddings are the superhero fans who go down the “Wonder Woman marries Superman” path.

However, these are not quite the types of wedding I have in mind when I say weddings are changing. Sure more people are brave enough to do these tongue in cheek wacky weddings, but some of the best photos in the magazines were of brides and grooms who have gone for a period or era theme.

In the mags I was flicking through, I saw some great Edwardian and Georgian style weddings that took place in stately homes. They worked really well and the photos were fantastic, this is the kind of themed wedding we see a lot of theses days.

Antique Themed Wedding

Attention to detail is vital

However, it is clear that if you want to pull off this kind of wedding attention to detail is essential. Not only does the setting have to be right, the way the bride and groom are dressed and made up has to be spot on for this type of wedding to really work. Make up is especially important. It takes a pretty special makeup artist to pull off a period or era look.

Sarah Meredith, the bridal make up artist from Manchester is a great example of a modern makeup artist who is up for the challenge of doing something different. You can see from her previous work that she very much tailors the look to each client.

Not every woman wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. Some brides are after a more edgy look that better reflects their personality and the look and feel of their wedding day. They are more Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction than Sleeping Beauty. These are two completely different looks, which will only be right if the make-up is done perfectly. Interestingly, I notice from Sarah’s site that she also does TV and fashion work, which I think is part of the reason she seems to pull these alternative looks off so well.

nerd wedding

Guests get involved

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Getting the wedding party to dress in period costume also makes a big different to how well these themed weddings work. The more people that match the theme the better the photos were. I now look forward to weddings far more than I used to, because they are all so different.