Dedicated: Debunking the Myths Surrounding Liposuction

It seems that whenever the word ‘liposuction’ is used, it is like someone is saying a dirty word. Liposuction offers benefits and changes people’s lives for the better. Nowadays, it is becoming more socially acceptable for people to undergo liposuction treatments for them to achieve their physical goals. We want to debunk the common myths around liposuction.

You will gain the weight back after your operation

When a person undergoes liposuction treatment, it is the removal of fat cells from the body. This is a permanent solution. The fat that was previously there is gone forever. That being said, it doesn’t mean that a person can eat uncontrollably and assume that the fat won’t come back. If a person has the treatment and starts to eat uncontrollably, their fat cells may begin to multiply in the areas where the liposuction treatment was done. There aren’t as many fat cells in that area from the treatment, so the body won’t be able to store the fat in those areas as much as it use to. Therefore, it is important for patients to monitor their diet and exercise levels after undergoing their liposuction treatment.

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After you have liposuction, you don’t have to exercise again.

If you think that you will never need to exercise after liposuction, then you won’t be able to keep the fat off your body. It comes down to a healthy balance of maintaining a good diet and exercise. Easyto use equippment such as an ab belt or an elyptical shoud be purchased or rented, having such things at home makes motivation easier. To continue reducing the fat within your body outside of liposuction treatments is to maintain a calorie deficit diet that includes monitoring your daily intake of food and drinks, as well as participating in activities that will allow your body to burn calories and use up the fat deposits that are stored in your body.

Fat comes back in weird places.

People that undergo liposuction treatment must keep in mind that the procedure is removing fat cells from the body permanently. Surgeons do not usually remove all of the fat cells, as they tend to leave a layer of cells in some areas under the skin to cover the body to provide a healthier look. The fat cells that are still inside the body can still multiply if your body weight or metabolism changes. Caution is advised following the liposuction treatment, as the cells may multiply around the body. Additionally, some areas of the body may look bigger because the majority of the fat has been removed from one area and it is now highlighting the fat that is stored in another area. If patients maintain a consistent weight and manage their health well after the surgery, then they shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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Liposuction is an easy way to lose weight.

Liposuction shouldn’t be seen as a weight loss solution. Rather it is a solution that will improve the contours and the shape of the body. But it doesn’t really make you lose a lot of weight because fat doesn’t really weigh a lot. If weight loss is what a person is looking for, they could achieve the same or similar results in a relatively short amount of time by dieting and exercising properly. This doesn’t mean that the contour results would be the same as if the person underwent liposuction treatment.

It will give you saggy skin.

This depends on the elasticity of your skin. A good surgeon will be able to identify and consult on the skin elasticity. For a person that has excellent skin elasticity, there won’t be a problem with saggy skin. However, for someone that has borderline elasticity, the surgeon has to use their judgement as to whether the person should undergo the liposuction treatment. And if they do, how much volume can be removed to avoid any risks of deformity. Generally speaking, people who have poor elasticity in their skin are not ideal candidates for liposuction treatments.

It gets rid of cellulite

As much as people wish this was true, unfortunately, liposuction doesn’t get rid of cellulite. There is also a risk that the procedure could make the cellulite worse. read up on it, look at the forskolin cream review or ask someone that has had it done online.

These are a few of the common myths around liposuction. Ultimately, it is about doing as much as you can to maintain a healthy look with your body and liposuction can be used as a catalyst to help you achieve your desired look.