Dedicated: Don’t Forget the Cheese

potluck dinner party

By the time you’ve attended enough parties and social gatherings, you get a feel for what makes an occasion festive and what brings the mood of an evening down. There are certain elements that all good parties have, but sometimes there are undesirable moments that manage to ruin even the most thoroughly planned events.

When you’re brave enough to take responsibility for hosting a party for the first time, you want to take careful inventory of your preparations. Ideally, you’ll be able to provide enough entertainment and refreshments to keep everyone happy and relaxed throughout the event. Do you have enough glasses for everyone? is a great place for dinner party ideas. Sometimes things still manage go wrong, and it’s impossible to anticipate every potential calamity. Experienced hosts have contingency plans in place for when things start to go awry.

An emergency cheese platter can come in handy in a crisis situation. The best parties always have them anyways. When a co-worker insults someone’s girlfriend or an ex starts an argument with your brother, a well-timed distraction is just the thing to diffuse tensions. There are enough varieties of cheeses and options that you should be able to interest nearly everyone long enough to change the subject.

Even if things still manage to fall apart, there is always the cheese. Sit back, relax, and try your best to enjoy the moment while pairing your favorite cheeses with the diverse selection of condiments you’ve prepared. To find out more about the best options for your cheese platter, look through the infographic below.

How To Make a Cheese Plate
via Cabot Creamery