Dedicated: Eight Legged Nightmare – When a Woman Realises her Worst Fears are in the Home

It is no secret that when there are insects flying or crawling around the home, it can make a woman feel uncomfortable. The sight of the insects can send women screaming and jumping on top of chairs. However, if it is the case of a spider being within reaching distance, it can send women into hysterics and sometimes causes us to overreact.

Sometimes it feels like the battle between us ladies and spiders is similar to that of David and Goliath. And the spiders are the ones that always get the better of us. We want to have the confidence to live ‘fear free’ in our homes. We need to be empowered to prevent the threat of arachnids or any other insects that can make us feel uncomfortable in the home.

There is a real threat that spider infestation could get out of control!

Pattycake Spiderweb

While it is something nobody wants to hear, it is a very real threat that could occur in your home. There was the story of a US family that got the fright of their life when 6000 spiders started pouring out the walls. And although this happened on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, it could realistically happen to someone based in Australia as well.

What is really bad is if the spider infestation gets out of control?

You will need to invest into the services of a professional. Spider control specialists in Melbourne can assist with infestation problems for those that are living in the city of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Spiders have the ability to breed quickly. In a spider’s nest, it is common for the female spider to give birth to up to 1000 spiders. As they have the ability to multiply at a high rate, the risk of infestation can be high and can impact your lifestyle and living conditions.

What not to do!

There are things you can do yourself to manage the situations when you do encounter a spider. If you decide you want to have your other half get the spider out of the house, be careful as most people often fail at getting the spider successfully and could potentially cause damage or be prone to health risks over the long term.

What are some effective actions you can take?

If you are tired of sharing your living space with spiders, you can deter them by taking the following actions:

  • You can keep insect sprays and repellents inside the home to deter any spiders from remaining inside your home.
  • You can deter them from settling close to your home by turning off porch lights, as insects are attracted to light.
  • Discourage spiders from your home by limiting their food source.
  • If the infestation problem is serious, seek professional help.
  • Make sure to clean your edges and potential breeding areas for spiders. If you do see potential breeding spots or spiders nests, be sure to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Are there certain spiders to be aware of?

In Australia, the deadliest spiders are the funnel web spiders and the redback spiders. Generally, it is unlikely that you will come across any funnel web spiders inside your home. Redback spiders may nest along edges and darker spots within the home. Be careful.

One minute you are feeling fine, the next, you feel the sense of a little critter walking down the back of your neck. Even imagining the feeling makes you feel uncomfortable. Put your mind at ease by addressing any arachnid issues in your home and let your worst nightmares be put to rest.