Dedicated: Everyday Fashion Tips

If you love making fashion statements at events and parties, here are some tips to help you impress onlookers on a daily basis.

Socks are not for sandals: Socks and Sandals look good together, right? Wrong. It might be comfortable, but it is not fashionable. So, limit your socks usage to that amazing pair of shoes you have bought for a purpose.

Befriend a tailor: Why is this important? Well, befriending a tailor, you can get expert advice without investing hundreds of dollars for the right dress. So, find a knowledgeable tailor and make him/her your BFF.

DenimDenim jeans or jacket, wear them religiously. Denim has a rough finish that looks good on everyone.

Buy more than one: If you are sure that a particular piece of clothing is the right match for your body type, buy in multiple. If needed, look for discount coupons at or watch for sales at your favorite stores.

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Accessories matter: You know this secret. Wearing accessories is not for special events only. If you’re new to wearing accessories, just look for a cool looking accessory and wear it! Simple. It may be a basic watch, too, but wear it. You’ll find your style!

The bra issue: Females, you even hate it when your breasts keep sagging. So, find a fitted bra and let it support your chest by keeping your bras in shape.

Know your personal style: Well, copying others is easy. However, if you are blindly copying other’s fashion secrets, you’re missing the opportunity to express yourself. You may think your style is boring, but to someone else, you may be the most interesting, beautiful thing they’ve seen that day.

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