Dedicated: Housewarming Gifts You’ll Be Tempted to Keep for Yourself

Have you ever found the perfect housewarming gift – and then kept it for yourself?

Don’t feel bad. It happens to the best of us. When your friend buys their first home, it is a joyous occasion. It is a huge accomplishment and they deserve to celebrate. When it comes to finding the perfect housewarming gift there’s really no bad option. Do they have an outdoor space? A fireplace? Maybe they have a bathroom or a kitchen they’re trying to finish up. There are a multitude of options that can suit anyone’s newly found needs.

So what do you buy? (And how do you get it out of your own front door?)

Gifts for a Hostess from Home Goods

These are 5 housewarming gifts you’ll be tempted to keep for yourself:

Outdoor Heaters

While this may seem weird at first, an outdoor heater can make or break an outdoor space. Just imagine everyone outside enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine, then all of a sudden it’s dark and 15 degrees cooler. What a better way to warm up an outdoor space than to actually warm it up?! Outdoor heaters are perfect for anyone with a small or medium-sized outdoor space with some sort of seating. Or, if you know they’re looking to add seating, an outdoor heater could nudge them in the direction of hosting the next dinner party.

Espresso Machine

Imagine waking up in the morning to find the perfect flat white sitting on your bedside table. Now imagine gifting that to your friend. Difficult, but doable. Everyone needs a good cuppa in the morning, and you get to revel in the fact that you’re with them every morning, even if it’s just in spirit.


Never underestimate the power and allure of a truly great eski. There are so many activities that can only benefit from a cooler full of your favourite drinks – be them a few bottles of bubbly, some tinnies or soft drink for the underage. Don’t get a really great one, though, for fear of throwing it in your trunk and never making it to your housewarming party!

Mountable Bluetooth Speakers

Life without music is boring. Life with music you can turn on from anywhere in the house is bliss. There are so many bluetooth speakers on the market, it would be hard to go wrong buying these for a friend, but going with the mountable sort makes everything streamlined, clean looking and really convenient.

Butcher’s Block

While this may seem basic, quality can vary greatly and not everyone wants to spend the money on a nice cutting board, let alone a butcher block. If you know the new house owners have space in their kitchen for it, buying them a nice butcher’s block can change the feel of their whole kitchen and even the way they cook! Options range from beautiful bamboo to teak and other hardwoods. We dare you not to buy one for yourself.

When you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift that will really make a statement, make sure first and foremost it is something that they will actually use. Consider space, time, interests and hobbies. Feel good in knowing you can give them warmth in their outdoor space, music in their living room or fresh coffee in the morning.

While any gift will do, gifts that you’ve put thought into and really think they’ll love and use are those that will leave a lasting impression. Keep in mind when you’re shopping, this gift is meant for them, not you – it could prove more difficult than you think.

Just promise us that whatever you do buy, you at least try to leave your own house with it!