Dedicated: How Often Should I Replace My Mattress?

I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve wanted to replace my mattress straight after breaking up with someone versus any other time in my life.

Am I on my own here?  Anyone…

What about this when say, you’re in the honeymoon stage of a relationship and you first set eyes on your partner’s bedroom. Immediately you get this overwhelming urge to disinfect their bed, mattress and all the bed linen but you know it wont ever be clean enough. Burning it all seems the only fair and reasonable solution.  Again, am I on my own here…

It’s like – for every new relationship I enter, I’m gonna need a new mattress. This little quirk of mine could get exxy though. Luckily I don’t date heaps but for those who do and are like me, you’re really going to have to keep an eye on mattress sales!


I actually really like this idea. In the aftermath of a break up, we usually go and get our regrowth touched up, a new “do” or “chop”, perhaps a designer piece of clothing (on sale of course) and the highest pair of heels we can find to help disguise how much we’ve been eating not to mention the additional glass of wine we’ve sculled with friends. Why should we continue to lie in Mr Wrong’s disgusting dander. It makes me dry-reach. We deserve more. We should include a new mattress for ourselves in our “healing” shopping spree. And look, if you can afford it – get all new bed linen too. Side tables may be a stretch but I’m all for whatever makes you feel better.

Just keep enough cash up your new outfit’s sleeve to buy hospitable grade disinfectant, so you can wipe clean your door handles and furniture, giving yourself that much needed fresh start. Nothing’s better than a lemon scented fresh start! And while you’re at it, wash all the cushion covers scattered across the couch so there’s no scent of the ex’s stinky feet in this area. Do however refrain from getting any sort of tattoo you believe is a good idea or “meaningful”.  At least wait two years. If you still like your piece of emotional artwork after the dust’s settled – sure go ahead and press print on that ink.

I found flying to the Gold Coast and staying with a client worked wonders after a break up. Bit random I know – but hey, they kindly offered and I got to know their whole family, grand kids and all. I just wanted to be as far away from home as I could afford. That turned out to be the Gold Coast, flying Tiger. Better than nothing.

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Floral Comforter in Loft Bedroom

But for those who really want an answer as to how often you should replace your mattress that has nothing to do with a break up, I guess it really depends on a couple of things:

How often do you jump on it? If not much, it should last a few years.

What about eating and drinking while spilling? If this is a regular occurrence and cleaning it doesn’t remove what you were saving for later, getting a new one sooner rather than later sounds like a plan.

Another idea is to replace it at the start of a new year, or for those who follow a fin year calendar – July would be perfect!

But the real question is, is it comfortable and are you getting quality sleep?

I’m not proud to admit this now… but no my bed isn’t comfy and I’m not getting quality sleep yet it’s only after a break up I’ve wanted to replace my mattress?