Dedicated: How to Choose a Front Door for Your Home

Front doors are one of my favorite features of a home. It instantly gives people an impression of your style, and can add real character to the exterior of your house. There are so many materials and styles to choose from, it’s worth taking the time to do the research!

When considering home renovations, the bill could end up being as high as your entire home loan! Finding a main feature like a front door and giving it an upgrade can save you tons of money while dramatically changing the way your home looks.

Teal Front Door
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Here’s a short-list of the most common front door materials:

Wood front doors: This is the most old-school way to go, and the spectrum runs from super-simple to wildly ornate, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. There are a ton of different woods and finishes to choose from, but you can obviously paint it to look however you want. If you’re going for a luxurious feel – wood is your best bet. Wood doors are best for people who live in areas with a mild climate and no extreme weather.

Steel front doors: They are a very cost-effective way to go, and steel doors don’t have to look like steel doors! They come in all kinds of colors and finishes, with windows and without — and they’re definitely the best at insulating and weathering storms. Additionally, steel front doors are the most affordable, typically!

Fiberglass composite front doors: A fiberglass front door will be essentially maintenance-free. Fiberglass composite doors are also chameleons of style. They can be made to look like wood grain, matte solid colors, or pretty much any other type of door! Considering they’re pretty affordable, this is a smart way to go. They take weather pretty well, too!

Intersected Circular Window Front Door
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If you’re lucky enough to rent a place that allows you to customize, consider checking out salvage yards and resale sites like Craigslist for exterior doors that tickle your fancy! If you’re stuck in a place that won’t let you change anything and it’s killing your creative soul, consider looking into a service 1300HomeLoan to see what it would take to get you into your own home!

As far as makeovers go, a new front door can be an awesome way to give your home or apartment some heightened curbside appeal. For first-time homeowners, or seasoned homemakers, it can be an extremely affordable alternative to a full remodel.