Dedicated: How to Make a Loved One’s Time in Hospital Easier

No matter whether it is a short-term visit or a long-term stay in hospital, it can be a traumatic experience, without a doubt for both the person in hospital and for the family. However with Royal Melbourne hospital accommodation, it makes supporting your beloved a whole lot easier as it allows you to be there in body and most importantly in mind to support your loved one, and give a sense of normalcy to what can only be classed as an unfortunate experience.

To allow you to be there in mind, it is important to ask someone to take care of your usual responsibilities as this will allow you to give your undivided attention to your loved one. The last thing they need is for you to be there in body, but with your mind flitting between all the outside tasks you’re required to fulfill and perform. Being in hospital will uncover a number of worries even for the cool and collected types and you need to be able to give this time your full attention.

With every possible eventuality rushing through your mind when you need to take a loved one into hospital, there are bound to be things that are going to slip through your fingers. Therefore, having someone you can rely on and ask for help will be a great benefit for everyone involved. Whether that be packing a bag for an overnight stay, or popping in to feed your hungry cat, all these worries and responsibilities can add up and take their toll.

Another way to allow you to keep up on your life admin, will be to tether your laptop from your mobile whilst your loved one is sleeping as this will allow you to make sure you’re keeping up with the bills and paperwork that may be required during their stay. It can be a stressful experience filling out the right paperwork, but by making sure your beloved doesn’t see or hear the stress will allow a bit of calm to be applied to an uncontrollable situation.

One thing to also check is what home comforts are allowed to be brought into the hospital to make the stay more comfortable. Loading up a harddrive with all your beloved’s favourite movies, TV shows and even pictures of their favourite people, is an excellent way to keep them entertained, and keep their spirits high when boredom hits. Being able to feel clean and collected can be tough at times, therefore simple luxuries like dry shampoo and face wipes can make a world of difference with minimal effort.

Having other family members and friends available to visit when you’re not able to, gives a bit of respite to allow you to collect your thoughts and focus all your attention to the matter in hand, without having to worry that your angel is fighting their pain without the required support. A good way to make sure things aren’t lost with each person keeping your loved one company, is to make sure everyone jots down in a communal notepad any key visits by the doctor, or medicines received.

Although having a number of visitors can be nice, it is important to keep the visitors to essential family and friends so as not to overwhelm. It would be worthwhile to ask you beloved who they want to see, and check with the hospital how many visitors they are allowed each day. By keeping all non essential visitors updated, you can have more control over the amount of outside germs or infections being brought into the hospital.

Fundamentally though, the overall objective is to make sure your loved one is as comfortable as possible, and that they know there are people to support them during this tough period. Being able to facilitate messages and gifts going to your loved one is also a great way to see a smile on their face.