Dedicated: How to Save Money Buying Eyeglasses Online

Anyone who wears glasses knows that these two tiny pieces of glass may be very expensive. Fancy frames, special lenses and special protective coating – all this is sold for extra money. But with these tips for buying glasses online you can significantly slash the overall cost and save money.

Do not focus on top brands

One of the reasons why glasses are expensive is that they belong to famous brands. You can spend several hundreds of dollars on sunglasses from Gucci, D&G, Versace, Chanel, Prada, and other famous brands. But don’t forget that most of these eyeglasses are produced by companies that license the names and not by the biggest fashion designer companies. Most of them are made by small companies, which make high-quality replicas, or whose names are similar to famous brand names.

Search online

Online sales of eyewear are growing steadily. There are many online websites with a huge choice of models and low prices. Many optical stores also offer high-quality glasses for less than $100. While most web shoppers tend to buy glasses online over and over again. For example, pay attention to cheap glasses frames at Here you can easily find stylish models of glasses for men and women for less than $80. We have found popular Thalia eyeglass frames cheaper than $50.

una Glasses

To select lenses online, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor, as well as the number of your pupillary distance. If you want a solid frame, choose a frame made of titanium – both durable and lightweight material. And if you have a tight budget and want to make sure that you’re using it efficiently, it is better to invest in the lenses, not in the frames. Many online shops also give you more than 14 days to return glasses.

Get two pairs at one price

Buying eyeglasses online attracts many clients. Online optical stores offer not only lower prices and wide selection of models, but also the possibility of further savings through a variety of promotions and discounts. Online stores often offer coupons and special offers at half price. If you find such promotion, consider buying an additional pair of glasses in case your first pair is broken or lost. In this case, you do not need to run urgently to the store and buy new glasses. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask for a discount if you buy two pairs of glasses. Regular order of the same product also gives hidden savings. If you often buy the position of a certain category, some shops may give you individual discounts, or indicate a reduced price directly. Some online stores offer even more favorable conditions for shopping when spending a certain amount on their products. A large number of online stores use systems of bonus accumulation. These points can be used for further purchases. In general, online eyewear stores are more likely to meet the wishes of their customers than regular stores.