Dedicated: How to Save When Back to School Shopping

It’s almost August, and that means that the start of school is just around the corner. This summer has been so hot and humid, I’m eagerly looking forward to cooler temperatures and cozy evenings. Autumn has always felt like an opportunity for renewal. Whether it’s trying out new looks or stepping out in a new wardrobe, back to school season holds its appeal for everyone – even if there’s no school to go back to. You don’t have to be in school to shop these sales!

When you’re out of school, it’s hard to resist things like “site-wide sale” and “free shipping coupon code” – and why should you? Aside from school reopening, fall is often marks the start of new jobs (hello, new teachers!), the beginning of jacket season, and New York Fashion Week in September that unleashes new trends and ideas onto the world. So thanks for sharing your nerve-wracking shopping season with us, student bargain shoppers, so we can all benefit from your higher education.


There are great ways to stay on top of the sales without really having to do any sleuthing! Here are my best tips for taking advantage of back to school sales:

Sign up for newsletters at your favorite websites. This way, when there’s news about upcoming sales, you’ll be the first to know! Many stores also offer subscriber-exclusive discount codes, sale prices, and stylish student discount clothing. You’ll also see lots of bestselling products and super-steals before everyone else! Most times, when you sign up for a newsletter, the brand will automatically send you a discount code as a thank you. There are discounts everywhere!

Check on coupon code websites. When you’ve got a full shopping cart and it’s time to check out, sometimes the full price can throw you for a loop! It’s always worth looking at discount code websites to see if there are any codes or sales that you might not know about.

Tell them you want a student discount! Aside from sales, some stores will offer a special discount for students, specifically. Most often, technology companies and actually, beauty companies offer the most discounts to students. Cosmetic companies want to support students who are in cosmetology school who will eventually become professional makeup artists, that’s how you achieve brand loyalty! Students are the next generation of professionals, and brands know it.

Go thrift shopping! When it comes to fashion, one rule is always true: nothing is cooler than vintage. Also, if you’re a broke student, thrift shopping is probably set to become your best friend! You will find some of your favorite clothes at your local thrift store – things that you absolutely won’t find in popular clothing stores. Vintage sweaters, skirts, and scarves are fun things to collect, and they’ll be in your closet forever. They’ve lasted this long, haven’t they?

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With these tricks, you’ll be sure to avoid paying full price on anything you need for back to school shopping. From student coupons to vintage shops, saving money while you prepare to hit the books has never been easier.

Share your favorite money-saving tips for back to school shopping with us in the comments!