Dedicated: Lowering Your Energy Consumption at Home

Lowering energy consumption is something that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. We are being made more aware of the effects that high levels of energy consumption are having on our planet and we also know that the amount of fossil fuels that the world has to offer is rapidly decreasing.

Energy prices are also a huge reason for people wanting to decrease their energy usage. The price of gas, electricity and water being supplied to our homes seems to be ever increasing with no signs of it coming back down. So now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to decrease the amount of energy they use at home. Here are some tips on how to lower your energy usage and ultimately, lower your household bills too.

Energy saving light bulbs

Ok, so these have been around a while now but many people still use traditional bulbs around the home. Energy saving bulbs may take a little longer to get as bright as you are used to but they use a lot less energy and can be used all over the house.

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LED light bulbs

LED bulbs are a great alternative to traditional bulbs as they use less energy. However, unlike energy saving bulbs they give out a bright light as soon as you turn them on. They also last longer than traditional bulbs meaning you save on wastage too.

Water saving shower head

Installing a water saving shower head can help you use less water each time you shower. We all know that taking a shower is more energy efficient than having a bath, but replacing your shower head to a new reduced flow shower head saves on your water and heating.

Energy efficient heaters

Having energy efficient heaters in the most used rooms of your house such as, the living room and bedrooms can help you to heat the rooms without having to turn on your central heating. Energy efficient heaters used much less energy than traditional heaters and a whole lot less than your central heating. They can be used in bursts to add some heat to the room or used to just heat up a specific area of the home and some are even manufactured for use outdoors, allowing you to spend more time in your garden.


Making sure that you have proper insulation in your wall cavities can help your home retain heat in the colder months. This will help you to reduce your energy consumption as you won’t need to have you heating on for as long or as warm. Spending a bit of money in the short term to insulate your home effectively can save you money in the long run.

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Source: Watermark Designs
Source: Watermark Designs

Reduced flow taps

Installing reduced flow taps to your bathroom and kitchen sinks is a quick and simple job but can dramatically save on your energy consumption. Not only will you save on the amount of water coming out of your taps, but you will also save on the cost of heating the water too as there will be less water to heat in the first place.


Having a thermostat linked to your heating system allows you to control the overall temperature in your home at all times. This means that your heating will only come on if it is needed and will automatically turn off when your home has reached the designated temperature. This will cut your energy consumption by ensuring that your heating is not on unnecessarily.

Whether you want to cut down on your energy consumption for the sake of the planet or for the health of your bank account, or even both; follow a few of these tips to help ensure that your energy usage is at its lowest along with your household bills.