Dedicated: Make It Your Own: The Growth of Customizable Clothing

In an age where there is more competition than ever before for customers, it is no surprise that countless companies have emerged that are catering to an up-and-coming form of apparel: customizable clothing. Whereas this option has long been available to those willing to spend a considerable amount of money on clothes, new ventures are making it accessible to a wider swath of consumers than ever before.

Who Is New to the Table?

You’ve been able to create your own Nike sneakers, tailor an L.L. Bean bag, or design your own Brooks Brothers suits for years. The new players on the customizable apparel scene are startups, such as Bow & Drape, which offer highly unique and personalized garments on demand for the discerning shopper at a variety of price points. In addition, several active wear retailers like Sportswear Unlimited have started offering customizable workout gear options so that individuals can tailor pieces to their exact specifications.

Source: E's Closet
Source: E’s Closet

What Is Available?

Whether you want a dress with a unique print, yoga pants with inspirational messaging or a piece that has been created according to your hair, eye and skin coloring, you can find a company that will meet those design needs. Options in terms of colors, sleeve length, hem length, patterns and more are on hand, and in many cases can be had in very little turnaround time.

Why Is This Gaining Ground?

Companies are hoping that if a shopper is able to create a piece according to his or her preferences it will inspire a deeper connection between the buyer and the product that has been developed. In addition, these items can be priced higher and in general have lower return rates. For example, if you’re trying to motivate yourself to work out, or feel good while you do, fashioning your own active wear can be a great incentive.

Galaxy Leggings and Creepers

Where Can You Find These Products?

Designing and developing products can all be done online in the comfort of your home. Technological advances such as 3D imaging make it possible for designers to adjust the availability of items if certain ones don’t generate orders. Whatever clothing you are looking for, there are sure to be customizable options available online, meaning it’s easier than ever before to stand out in an environment of chain store fashion.