Dedicated: Making Your Back Yard into a Summer Paradise

Now that summer is starting to look like a thing that might actually happen, the outdoors is becoming friendly again. If you’re fortunate enough to have a back yard, I really think it’s worth the time, effort, and little bit of money to really turn it into your own personal summer haven.

From seating to lighting, you can actually get away with delivering some Pinterest-esque results. Everything from mason jars to cheap twine can transform an outdoor area from boring to outstanding.

Here are some of my favorite ways to amp up your future low-key (or rager) party space.

Add Outdoor Seating

cinder block outdoor bench

Make this bench from a bunch of cinder blocks, some wood and some fabric!

cinder blocks bench diy

For even fewer cinder blocks and wood pieces, you can make this simple bench.

Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting

You can turn a stark patch of lawn into a magical grown-up playground, all thanks to the wonders of lighting. These days, everything is LED which is energy- and cost-efficient, and there are dozens of outdoor string lights that can be used in everything from lanterns to trees!

balloon rope light balls

These clever fairy light receptacles are made by wrapping glue-covered rope around an inflated balloon, then letting it dry and popping the balloon! Pretty clever, huh?

booze bottle torches

You always knew that saving those empties would pay off – here’s your chance to make good on your promise to upcycle! Turn your old booze bottles into outdoor torches.

Outdoor Decor


Remember, your main enemy when it comes to outdoor furniture is weather, and most of the damage that occurs comes from moisture. Keeping an eye out for waterproof furniture, or even waterproof spray for transitional pieces will save you loads of money on repairs!

Maybe this post made your apartment feel even smaller than it already felt. If you don’t have a backyard and dream of one – you will get one! You will! Before you seal the deal, make sure you use a service like to make sure your rate is the best one available.

Hosting parties out in the sun, or in the evening with the sunset can be so romantic and intimate, or it can be raucous and memorable.