Dedicated: Renovating Your Home on a Budget

If you have lived in your home for a while and you’ve become a little bored with the old place you may look at the possibility of moving house, or even building an extension.  But with real estate costs going through the roof in some parts of the country moving may not be financially viable.  And with building costs increasing plus the hassle of trying to find a good builder, not to mention the mess involved while the work is going on, adding an extension may not be the best idea either, especially if you’re really not sure about messing with the structure of your home. But there is another way to get the home you’ve always wanted without having to spend thousands of dollars to get it, and that is to renovate.

Renovating is becoming more and more popular with those who want to make the best of their space, but don’t want to have to move home or build an extension. However there are a variety of different things to consider. The first thing to do is make a plan, set a budget, and stick to it.  Many renovation projects go way over budget when there is only a vague idea of what’s needed.  So work out how much you want to spend and then go shopping.

Low Cost Needn’t Mean Low Quality

wall system

There are some things you can get away with paying less for but when it comes to the tools for the job you are usually better off spending as much as you can afford.  Things like paint – cheap paint is often watery and inconsistent in quality and you find that you may have to paint over and over to get a good finish.  Cheaper power tools, drill bits, screws, etc, are often of such poor quality they break, meaning you have to buy them twice over.

But there is a way to buy quality items without paying the earth for them.  For example, interior fixtures and fittings like bathroom suites, wardrobes, mirrors, cabinets and fireplaces can be sourced in various places like reclamation yards, auction houses or antique warehouses and shops. If you take time to shop around you can find some wonderful bargains, but be careful not to get too carried away!  Online auction sites like eBay are also a great place to find bargains. Shop around for items like wall wardrobes and dressing tables, but remember these items are likely to be used often, so make sure you get good quality items. Often, built in wardrobes can save you a lot of space so you can make more of your rooms, so they are a great thing to consider.

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Work out where you can save money.  Kitchen units, for example; why buy expensive cupboard carcasses if your old ones are still usable.  If they need replacing, buy cheap units from a kitchen warehouse outlet.  You can then pay more for some good quality unit doors.  You may decide to keep your kitchen, in which case enhance the look with quality door handles or solid wood work surfaces.  When replacing tiles don’t necessarily go for the big name companies with their glossy brochures.  Again, look online or check out warehouse outlets; buying expensive tiles cheaper could mean you don’t need to decorate expensively.

DIY – But Only If You Know What You’re Doing


Be realistic about your skill level.  Even though installing fitted wardrobes is seen as a relatively easy job can cause major problems if you’re not up to the task. Some jobs, like plumbing or electrical and gas fitting, should only be taken on by professionals with the proper certificates.  Trying to do these things yourself without the necessary skill could mean you have to pay someone to put it right!

Keeping in mind all these tips, you could have a renovated house at the fraction of the cost you’d pay to move house or build an extension. Now that’s one thing worth celebrating!