Dedicated: Saving Money When Buying Luxury Watches

There’s a good chance that, if you’re reading this, a luxury watch just isn’t in your sphere of reality. Unless, of course… it’s been your lifelong dream to have an excessive, encrusted, extremely high quality, expensive watch.

Then, by all means, you should have one.

Luxury watches are some people’s fantasy! More than a big wedding, more than a nice car, more than a big house – a beautiful luxury watch can motivate people just as much as anything else!

Vacheron Constantin

There are lots of ways to go about getting your skyscraper-quality watch, and as always, there’s no reason to spend more than you absolutely have to. Here are some ways you can save a little bit extra on your beautiful luxury watch:

  • Buy second-hand. Lots of people end up reselling their luxury watches in order to upgrade to something more extravagant, or to get some cash to pay their rent. Either way, it’s a great opportunity for you to snag a gorgeous watch for a big, huge markdown!
  • Buy online. Lots of jewelers will have expensive watches available at prices that are way, way higher than they need to be. When you cut out the in-store purchase, you can save tons on internet rebates and direct manufacturer purchases!
  • Look up the value before buying. Retailers like Vacheron Constantin offer the last known retail price of each of their luxury watch models online, so you can be sure you’re not overpaying for their products. You can also purchase select watches there.

So have your cake and eat it, too! Just make sure that when you buy your high quality, luxury watch, you don’t sink your own ship in the process.

Author bio: David Kuttner – photographer, writer, and a father. When he’s not busy writing, he’s most likely spending time with his wife and their two mischievous dogs: Lily and Bart.