Dedicated: 5 Tips for Soft, Nourished Lips

Lets face it, a soft, nourished pout is about a lot more than just looking good. Chapped lips can be painful and irritating, which is why it is so important to take preventative measures in keeping your lips moisturized. Of course, use discretion in using some of these tips – if your lips are already cracked and dry you may want to focus on nourishing before anything else. If you lips are just needing a little extra love, definitely look into all of these options!

Borghese Naked Lips

Tip 1: Lip Balm Everyday – Sounds cliché, right? Well, it’s the best way to get (and keep) moisturized lips. If you are not a fan of constant reapplication, utilize it when it matters most: right before bed, and after you cleanse your face/before you apply your makeup. Think of it as part of your AM and PM routine, and it will become one of your Holy Grail steps! This cult favorite lip balm is a wonderful option for ultra- dry lips.

Tip 2: Try a Lip Scrub – Many people avoid lip scrubs because, well, they don’t think they are necessary. However, they are a wonderful way to keep your lips looking younger and feeling healthier/more moisturized. Many brands offer lip scrubs, or you can always whip one up at home. Pinterest is a great place to look up DIY lip scrub recipes. If recipes or formulas are not up your alley, you can also try gently rubbing your toothbrush over your lips while brushing your teeth. Be careful not to over-do it!

Tip 3: Mind Your Meals – What you eat can have a huge impact on your lips, especially if you are eating foods that are spicy or salty. Be sure to always wipe away and excess salt or spice from your lips after you meal, and give your lips a coat of balm to help replenish moisture. Ensuring hydrating is also very important in getting moisture back into your lips after eating a salty or spicy meal.

Tip 4: Try Creamy Lipsticks – Many matte lipstick lovers will probably shrink at this idea, it is definitely something to take into consideration. There are so many people who have been converted from long-lasting mattes to slightly less-longer-lasting creamy formulas simply because they (1) feel amazing, and (2) leave lips looking and feeling great. This is especially essential in the wintertime when dry conditions can have a harsher impact on the lips.

Tip 5: Sun Protection For Your Pout – This step is much more preventative than anything else. While applying an SPF product on your lips won’t necessarily moisturize it more than a non-SPF lip moisturizer, it will help to prevent painful sunburns on the lips. While one should never slather their sunscreen on their lips, it is important to find a lip product that will provide UV protection. Your lips are actually more delicate than the skin on your face, which happens to be much more delicate than the skin on your body. Keeping your lips protected may not seem like a huge priority, but using SPF will help you maintain healthier lips.

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