Dedicated: The Advantage of Purchasing Loose Diamonds in Canada

When it comes time to make the all-important purchase of an engagement ring, there are many options to consider. Each one has its benefits; however, if the pre-made diamond rings are just not what you are looking for, you may want to consider purchasing a loose diamond. This is the perfect stone to have placed in a pre-selected or custom designed anniversary rings setting. If you are still unsure if loose diamonds are right for you, consider the following information.

What Is a Loose Diamond?

Loose diamonds are just what the name implies, diamonds that have not be set into a ring or other type of jewelry. Typically, if the diamond is over 0.25 carats, they come with a certification from gem experts, which define their value and quality. It is important to look for this, as it signifies a quality piece of jewelry.


Why Purchase a Loose Diamond?

The fact is that when you decide to purchase a loose diamond, you can save a substantial amount of money.  Loose diamonds are available for purchase online and do not incur the retailer any overhead, which traditional jewelry stores encounter. These savings are then passed on to the consumer.

How to Find what You Want

Most people who consider loose diamond purchase have already selected the setting for their diamond ring. Choosing loose stones allows you to completely custom design the ring. There are several ways that you can find loose stones, with one of the most popular methods being shopping online.

Keep in mind, loose diamonds are not limited to being set in rings. They are available in many different sizes to be set in bracelets, earrings and necklaces, allowing you to create custom jewelry that meets your specific wants.

Make Responsible Choices

While purchasing loose diamonds can save you a substantial amount of money over pre-set diamonds, it is important to buy responsibly. This means only purchasing your stones from a reputable dealer, who has a track record of positive customer experiences.

There is no doubt that selecting a loose stone for your jewelry does complicate the buying process somewhat, which spurs many to simply opt for the pre-made version. However, it can be well worth your while, especially if you want to create a unique or custom piece that is truly one of a kind. Finding the right jewelry will require the hiring of the right company, such as crown rings. The right company will be able to guide a buyer into finding the right jewelry and loose diamonds in no time all.