Dedicated: The Basics of Getting the Look You Want For Less

People shouldn’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to look their best. I also feel like our lives are much too short not to be able to buy what we want. That’s the basis for this whole blog. I want you to be able to find designer items for much less than what designers want you to spend on them.

The thing is, what I do isn’t exactly an art. Anyone can learn how to do it. I’m going to train you how to find the items you want at a cost you can afford. If you’re feeling especially grateful, you can use the skills I give you to share your finds. I never mind learning about other great deals. That’s what this blog is all about.


Shop Around

This is the most important rule of finding deals. You cannot cave in to the first or second price you see. You have to see if you can find that same item for a fraction of the going price. This may require days or weeks of extensive searching, but trust me, it’s worth the effort you put into it.

Do this by simply comparing the designer’s price to the prices that major stores have on sale. Now, try to one-­up them. For example, you see a new Coach bag that you want. It’s $500 at the Coach store. Macy’s has it on sale for $299. You’re thinking that’s great, because you’re saving $200.

Except you can save $300 or more on that same bag. Sites like thredUp will give you designer items at a cost that won’t make you cringe when you see it. These are designer second­hand/thrift stores. They work by allowing people who have new or gently used items to resell them.

Selling Clothes on ThredUp

You can find your own designer thrift store site. A good one is going to focus on the quality of the item. They should allow you to preview the item before you buy them. They will tell you everything you need to know about the item, including the condition of the item, and whether there are imperfections. It’s just like shopping in a classy thrift store, except you don’t need to leave your home to do it.

As a bonus, most online thrift stores allow you to make extra money by reselling your gently used items. If you want to get great offers for quick cash without waiting 3 months to sell, look for ways to resell designer handbags, shoes, clothes and accessories with higher end consignment stores. First, of course, you have to know the value of your closet and what your accessories are worth.

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Do Your Homework

Know your brands, and know their products. Being familiar with your brands will help you to gauge when you know you can find something for less, and when you need to say “forget it.” How do you do that?

Court them.

Treat them like they’re a new romantic interest. Get to know them. Get to know everything you can about them. Do thorough research. Sign up for their newsletter. See what their company is about. Find out how they operate. What do they value? What are they lacking?

When you know that, you’ll know your brand well enough to look at something and say “Oh I can wait on that,” or “I can find that somewhere else for half the price.” You know what else is great about doing your homework? It teaches you how to make informed decisions.

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Make Informed Decisions

I don’t back products I haven’t tried for myself. I decide to try products that fit a certain criteria that I have. That criteria was formed because I did my homework. I found out what I like, what I don’t like and I used that as a basis to choose designers I can support. When I tell you about sales, I’m not only excited about them, I’m proud of the designers I present.

You should make informed decisions too. Use the information you found out from your research to come up with a shopping criteria you can live with. Here’s what you’ll find: there are very few designers who are going to fit every last one of the items on your criteria. That means you’re only going to focus on a manageable number of designers that you can support. Manageable numbers are a plus for women who love shopping. If you’re only into a few designers, you’re automatically going to spend less. I promise.