Dedicated: The New Prom Dresses of 2015

Prom is a long behind me in the timeline of my life, but I always have always had a vested interest because I never went to prom. Due to my enrollment in the Running Start program and the misconception that I was maybe “too cool” or what have you… I never got the full on prom experience.

Okay what I mean by that is: I never got a prom dress. That’s the real tragedy here.

So I scope out prom dresses every now & then, and finding an affordable one is always a treat. This year, I looked for the newness in Prom Times 2015 collection.

Prom Times 2015 - New Prom Dresses

I love the colors that are being used in this new crop of dresses, and the tone on tone is really stunning as well! Lots of great use of texture and modern, trendy shapes.

The long sleeves on the dress to the left is extremely current, and can be seen on some of the recent runways. The iridescent bodice really looks mermaid-like, but isn’t too shiny or cheap-looking. The black anchors all of the blue textures really nicely. This dress only costs $240.57.

The middle dress with blue and green is such an updated classic. A strapless gown always makes shoulders look extraordinary, and the way the bodice is molded is extremely flattering. Contrast is always fun when it’s colorful! This beautiful gown is $60.15.

The peach-colored on the right couldn’t be more Right Now, and I love the use of texture! The overlay top is full of lightly golden sequins, and really highlights your waist while remaining comfortable and forgiving! This dress is priced at $150.35.

If you went to prom this year, what would you wear? (Age doesn’t matter!)