Dedicated: Top 5 Ways to Extend the Life of your Gutter

When the storm season rolls around in Melbourne I always make sure that I am ready for it, as the impact of damage to your house can be catastrophic if not managed. One of the major areas where I make sure I clean is the roof and guttering around my home. Replacing the guttering in Melbourne – or anywhere, for that matter – can be expensive, not to mention an inconvenience. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to extend the life of your gutter so that replacing it isn’t necessary. After all, with a new roof costing in the thousands, you’ll want to ensure that this kind of investment is made as infrequently as possible! Here are a few tips from our friends at Bespoke Guttering about what you need to do in order to get the most out of your gutter.  

Stormy House


Remove the leaves from your gutters

If your roof is surrounded by trees, you need to ensure that you keep the gutters cleaned so that there’s no buildup of debris. If you don’t remove the leaves regularly, they can trap moisture and gradually decompose in the gutters, and this can cause severe damage to your gutters. Plus, when your leaves are piled high in your gutters, they can overflow, letting water into your roof which has the potential to cause internal damage as well. Cleaning your gutters is a relatively simple task (if you have a single story home) but if you have a double storey house, it pays to get someone out to do this kind of work for you, simply as it is a potentially dangerous task.

Mossy House


Get rid of moss

If you have a composition roof, it can get covered in moss or algae. This kind of growth doesn’t hurt the roof, and a simple mix of bleach or detergent mixed with water will kill it – but it’s actually fine to leave this as is. The one you do have to worry about is moss! If you have a wood or composition shingles roof, you’ll possibly find moss growing. This can be a problem as when it washes off the roof from heavy rain, it fills the gutters and due to its thick nature, can block drains and downpipes. If you do have moss growing on your roof, take the appropriate steps to get rid of it by calling in professional guttering or roof cleaning experts. They will have the tools to get rid of the moss for you and will make sure that your roof remains moss-free!

Old Victorian House


Trim overhanging branches

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If you have overhanging branches in your garden or yard, you need to ensure that you don’t have leaves and branches dropping down onto your roof. The buildup of leaves can impact on your gutters with leaf litter and other pollutants blocking the downpipes, and there’s another issue too. When you have overhanging branches, it can give rats and other rodent-like creatures (possums in the roof, anyone?) access to your ceiling cavity. These guys can gnaw on your roof and potentially cause drama, but they’re more likely to just keep you awake at night with their in-roof antics and tap dancing. Be warned though, trimming tree branches is definitely a job for the professionals, what with high power lines and your roof at stake, so be sure to call in someone who knows what they’re doing for this job.

Check your flow

When you have rain or a storm, ensure that your downpipes are working correctly and that the water is going where it should be. If you don’t see that the downpipes flow into the right spots, take the steps to fix it. You can also use the garden hose to assess the flow.

I hope you’ve found this short instructional guide on keeping your gutters healthy, helpful.