Dedicated: Wedding Trends for 2016 – What’s Expected?

If you’re looking to get the jump on planning your wedding for next year, get the ball rolling with these forecasts on some of the hottest trends in wedding style for 2016.

Source: Wedding Chicks
Source: Wedding Chicks

Dusty Colours

If you’re just beginning to plan your wedding, it’s recommended that you start with the colours and theme first and go from there. This can make the rest of the details much easier to sort out.

2016’s wedding colour palette looks to be a lot of rustic and kitschy combos, such as dusty and pale varying shades of blue, mint, sea foam, pale apple green, peach, blush, rose, pink sorbet, orange, sand, driftwood, gold, lilac, lavender, aubergine, and shades of grey. All of these colours can be paired with one another – mint and blue, apple green and rose, sand and lilac, aubergine and gold – you get the idea.

Each year’s clothing and décor trends orbit around the Pantone Colour Institute’s colour of the year. Last year’s it hue was called Marsala; and earthy red wine shade. Elle Décor predicts that 2016’sit colour of the year will be Deep Peacock Blue, which has a “dusty” matte shade to it, and happens to go well with 2015’sMarsala. The Pantone colour of the year is announced in December, so keep an ear out to see if their predictions are correct.


Outdoor Receptions

If you’re wondering where to hold the reception for the wedding, barn venues are a great way of combining two hot trends – outdoor and country style. Wild west, country-rustic, and ranch-themed weddings continue to be strongly trending and look to go especially well with the colour trends coming in 2016 as well.

Backyard gardens, beaches, ranches, rose-gardens, parks and arboretums are set to become even more popular with wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you have a destination in mind where you want to tie the knot, look outside the traditional venues and see what non-traditional outdoor areas might be available.

Antique Themed Wedding


Mismatched colours, dress styles, and decor are officially in. Cookie-cutter bridesmaid dresses, decorations, table settings, and flowers are out. Vintage and bohemian styles are two umbrella themes, which incorporate mismatched decor like the vibe of a trendy antique shop.

Whimsical candlelight, flowing buntings, draping tulle, kitschy table decor, and tons of flowers that look like they were picked from the field over yonder are all in.

Different styled bridesmaid dresses in complimentary colour palettes, plates and cups that look like they were dug out of three different grandmother’s china cabinets, and did we mention flowers? Always go with more flowers, in mismatched vases, and it’s up to you to define what constitutes a vase (teacups, kettles, mason jars, etc.)

Source: Wedding Mania
Source: Wedding Mania

Interactive Food

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Food stations are becoming the posh choice, while formal dinner settings and plated meals are on the decline. No more sitting down and being served your pre-determined food on a plate. It’s all about the food line now, which is a work of visual art itself, often harmonising with the wedding theme’s colours.

Artisanal and elegant miniature treats and micro h’orderves continue with the theme on variety and mismatching chic. Unusual food and flavour combinations to surprise and delight guests are being paired with stronger cocktails including dark spiced rum and ginger beer (both highly rated for upcoming wedding trends.)

As you can see, 2016 is set to be a trendy year of all things quirky and different so be sure to keep your eyes peeled in fashion magazines and online as more and more of these amazing trend details are released.