Dedicated: Denim Trends with True Religion

Ever since denim jeans came onto the scene, they’ve become their own genre of clothing. They have their own industry, and subsequently their own industry leaders. One of my favorites is True Religion Jeans.

I have a bias because they were one of the first premium denim brands I ever touched. And that’s a very important distinction, “touched” because when you’ve been wearing mail order and junior plus size “denim” for your entire life, putting your fingers on a pair of premium denim jeans is like… seeing God.

Okay, not like seeing God, but it’s like eating spaghetti from a can for your whole life and then having someone’s Italian Nonna come in and hand-make pasta and bolognese sauce. It’s just different.

True Religion’s spring women’s jeans have hit the shelves and I am looking at their new shapes, fabrics and lengths thinking — yes. Here are my three favorite denim trends from True Religion’s spring jeans!

1. Ankle Length Skinny Jeans

These might be my favorite cut in skinny jeans because they look good with just about every type of shoe. I really dig the gold fabric and the destructed moto styles.

2. Bootcut Jeans

They’re back and they’re just as flattering as they were the first time around. I have always liked them with sandal heels and they also look awesome with regular old sandals. I’m exciting to find a pair of these this year!

3. Destructed & Weathered Jeans

The lived-in look has always resonated with me. It reeks of comfort and looks extra cool, provided you’re not letting the destruction get out of hand. These are just the right amount of worn-in.

A good pair of jeans will last you forever, and a really good pair of jeans will be able to be willed to your next of kin for their lifetime, too. I love the perfect balance of “trendy” and “timeless premium denim” that True Religion has in their new arrivals.

What are your favorite denim looks this spring?