Empties: Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

My first Empties! I feel like I’m dressing up as a Beauty Blogger for Halloween and have tons of lipstick on my teeth. (Which I am definitely considering “part of the costume.”) It’s not often I use a product until it’s completely empty, but I always try to – I either lose it, it goes bad/expires, or I get something else and it gets pushed to the bottom of my makeup bag… but I finally finished something.

I am a girl who favors eye makeup over pretty much every other type of makeup for your face, lips, cheeks… I would take a fat swipe of pitch-black liquid eyeliner with lashes that look like burnt Christmas tinsel over the perfect blush any day. Once I find a style or makeup medium that I like, I stick to it. For years. And years.

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A combination of these three eye makeup looks are pretty much representative my entire repertoire. Sometimes, it’s a curse more than a blessing because it leaves me playing catch-up on past trends once I finally emerge from my style cave and open up to new ideas. (This is why I’ve been slack-jawed and drooling over YouTube Beauty Gurus for the last several months learning how to be a grown-up – sharing soon.) 

Since 80% of my makeup bag is eye or brow products, so naturally, I am constantly hunting for the perfect eye makeup remover.

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Review

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup RemoverLumene sent me their Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ages ago, but I am extremely particular about my reviews and demand long-term use of most products before I even consider reviewing them. I used this for the majority of 2014 and was absolutely pleased with its performance.

The solution is initially separated into two mysterious liquid layers in the container, but once you shake it vigorously, it becomes slightly opaque. A few drops on a cotton ball will easily remove full makeup on one eye, whether the makeup is waterproof or not. Often times, I have squeezed and poked at my lashes in disbelief that the few swipes I moved across my lid managed to remove the three coats of mascara… but after a full night’s sleep, there’s no mascara mudslide under my eyes. It must be love!

On the bottle, it says the formula includes 100% Organic Arctic Linen Seed, which is supposed to help soothe skin, but there’s so little of it that it’s likely ineffective. That being said, it never once left my eyes red or stinging, and if someone is going to have a skin reaction – it would be me. My skin hates everything, and this eye makeup remover was totally inoffensive!

While they did include one organic ingredient in the formula, I wish that some of the multi-syllabic chemical names could be removed from this and replaced with some more natural ingredients. As one other reviewer said, “this product is about as natural as polyester.” That makes this product sound like a scary chemical cocktail, but it’s really no worse than any other popular beauty product on the market. But we should definitely be trying to remove synethetics from our cosmetics, replacing them with less processed ingredients. It’s better for the Earth and for our bodies!

The price point is one of the leading strengths of this product. Aside from the NYFW-boutique-water-bottle aesthetic, it has a very un-NYFW price tag of just $5.99 at most retailers.

You can find Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover here:

Amazon: $5.99 (Free Prime shipping)

Probably watching Netflix.