Eva Mendes Collection Takes Over NY&Co. & Makes Everything Saucy

New York & Company has been labeled as kind of the basic b- office job attire HQ, and it’s kept me from shopping there for a while because, well, I’m pretty much as opposite-of-an-office-job as you get. They have well-tailored separates and office-friendly frocks, but they haven’t really done anything to compete with the hyper-creativity of the fashion industry, so they’ve become more of a utility than a pleasurable experience.

That is, until I saw Eva Mendes in a vintage-style midi dress and she was like a shiny little affordable bombshell “in a dress from her own line at New York & Company.” Hello, I’m listening.

Eva Mendes NY & Co Collection

Eva Mendes, to me, embodies a modern image of Old Hollywood. She almost always looks perfectly coiffed and tailored, but when she speaks, she’s has the most relaxed disposition and delightfully crass sense of humor. I’m not sure how her face looks the way it does, I feel like people who just come out of the womb looking like this should be studied and tested because they are clearly from somewhere else that is not Earth.

Eva Mendes Ny&Co Collection 1

Over the last two years, Eva Mendes has been partnering with New York & Company on the Eva Mendes Collection. This set of dresses and separates is bold, graphic, and tailored – all true to form for New York & Co. – but has a new twist that makes it special.

Eva has brought her exquisite perspective on fashion to the table, and if you’ve ever seen her on the red carpet, you know she loves vintage glamour and wears it better than almost anyone. Eva Mendes is considered one of the sexiest women on the planet (though she’s not into that title), yet she rarely bares her skin in unconventional places. It’s usually the way clothes fit her (beautiful) body that sets her apart, and that fit has everything to do with her penchant for retro shapes and styles.

Eva Mendes Collection Karrie Lace Dress, $89.95 $44.97

Eva Mendes Collection Lauren Sheath Dress, $79.94 $23.98

The florals from the Eva Mendes Collection are my favorite. They aren’t too grandma’s couch but they’re also clearly vintage-inspired, and really do a nice job of feminizing these bombshell-shaped dresses. She uses the same floral fabrics (there are at least 3 different floral patterns that I love) for a few different pieces each, so if you love a pattern, there’s probably a style for you.

See the rest of the Eva Mendes Collection at New York & Company!