Favorite Bombsheller Leggings That Tug at My Heart

Every time I go to Bombsheller with the intention of selecting my next pair, it inevitably turns into an emotional rollercoaster full of hopeless indecision, self-doubt, and the confrontation of deep inner longings.

But after that’s all over, I get a sweet new pair of leggings. (It’s worth it.)

Bombsheller Deer Damask Leggings Review
My #DeerDamask leggings from my first Bombsheller review

There are always the same six or seven Bombsheller legging designs that haunt my catalog perusal when I visit. Looking back on my first review of the brand, the favorites I had then are the favorites I have now – and then some.

Peonies, 2x4, Seattle map from 1890, Lichen (!!!), Black Ice, and Urban Jungle
Peonies, 2×4, Seattle map from 1890, Lichen, Black Ice, and Urban Jungle

One pair features an Alfons Mucha print, another is a map of my hometown 95 years before I was born, and another is a deep, fractal, crystallized pattern. They couldn’t be more different.

But Bombsheller has, um, exploded over the last year and has been collaborating with new artists in new ways, making for some exceptionally gorgeous and unique leggings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Favorite Bombsheller Legging Designs 2015

BombSheller #Solstice Leggings

Scrolling through Bombsheller’s inventory of designs is almost exhausting. They have so many good leggings that it can take a toll on a girl – but it’ll never stop me from looking at every single pair before making my decision!

The forest and sky in the #Solstice Leggings above looks just like some areas of Washington state. We’re all about our trees here and that fact that Bombsheller is based in Seattle means those very well may be my our trees!

A lot of the legging designs I’m into lately are darker, but not necessarily less bold. It surprised me to see how easy it was to incorporate such a strong statement legging like the #DeerDamask into my wardrobe. It definitely opened the doors to my creativity when I realized that, no, I don’t get 1,000 weird looks when I wear purple, skintight pants covered in muted gold deer antlers… so why not something even weirder?

Take #TheBeesKnees Leggings, for example. These are essentially black honeycomb with a Cuban seam of honey-gold up the back and front of your legs… Ultra saucy, but not overtly loud at all. On the knee, it has cute little bees. They’re kind of irresistible.

The soft darkness of #Dusty Leggings is really beautiful. These flowers are halfway between a whirlwind of blossoms and a floral galaxy. The colors play well with springtime colors just as well as they do fall.

No list of favorite leggings is complete without a pair of skeleton leggings. These #Skeletal Leggings are a little bit less cartoonish, and a little more subtle, which I like. The pattern is also only on the front, making these statement leggings… minimalist.

Also a staple of my favorite Bombsheller leggings: sealife. Now they’ve got a pair of #Jellies Leggings that cover your lower half with the most beautiful (and deadly) family of creatures in the sea. These jellyfish will cover your legs without the stinging sensation and painful rash!

This is the first time I’ve ever laid eyes on the gentle #ArabianFlorals Leggings and I can’t wait for them to become a staple of my wardrobe. I’m a sucker for soft browns, and these beautifully geometric and artistic flower pattern is anything but boring.

A few weeks ago, I was literally hovering over the “buy” button for actual hours while dreaming of these #FloralMandala Leggings on my body. I ended up not doing it, but they’re next in line for my physical affections (okay that came out way creepier than I imagined), along with most of these other designs.

I can imagine sitting around my house, going for a run, or just generally living in all of these beautiful patterns. The right sweater, the right pair of shoes, and a healthy boost of self-confidence can make any of these work for several occasions.

Bombsheller Deer Damask Leggings Review

If you really, really love the idea of exclusivity among designs, aka actual one-of-a-kind leggings that come out of your brain, don’t forget that Bombsheller creates custom leggings with images you choose, and they print each pair of leggings specifically for your order, so there’s no fabric waste or order minimum (this also keeps costs down).

What I’m saying is, if you need a pair of leggings with a pic of your parents wearing Christmas sweaters in time for their 30th wedding anniversary – it will be done.

I never let you get out of here without a discount on Bombsheller leggings, so if you’re interested in trying out a pair of Bombshellers for yourself, enter the code BROKEBOMBSHELL for 10% off your order!

Probably watching Netflix.

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