They’re Everywhere: Floral Midi Skirts

Floral Midi Skirt via Trumpet and Horn

Some trends, you just can’t escape. They start popping up everywhere you look, and eventually, they seep into your thoughts. That’s how this post about floral midi skirts came about. It’s like exercising demons – if I post about it, maybe it’ll all go back to normal?!

I don’t exactly know what it is that has me lingering every time I see one, but it’s been this way since 2010. Maybe it’s the unexpected versatility of such a bold skirt. Or… maybe it’s how rad they look with crop tops. Can’t lie, they look awesome. For being such a proper piece of clothing, it’s certainly good at being edgy.

ASOS, was $89 now $25

At once, you can feel like you’re on your way to church in 1960s Savannah, GA and also claim your spot as a Drape by adding a little bit of badassery like a leather jacket, bustier, little sheer thing or something overly casual like a band logo tank top. Check out this link for some more ideas on how to de-prim-ify a floral midi skirt!

Here are some of my favorite floral midi skirts – these fabrics are so dreamy:

 Can’t. Escape. Floral. Midi. Skirts. 

Also Can’t. Complain. About. Floral. Midi. Skirts. Either. so it’s really a win-win. One win for me, one win for – uh, the floral midi skirt council? Their advertising is subtle… but effective.

Probably watching Netflix.