For Your Sweet Tooth: Ankit Earbud Headphones

Nothing pleases me more than when two of my passions (three, really) intersect. This time, it’s design, music, and donuts.

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

The perfect donut. They even have tiny sprinkles. And, as you can see, they are earbud headphones.

The designers over at Ankit have a pretty sweet job – design fun and useful products that combine fashion, necessity, and technology into many cute and kitschy packages. As these earbud headphones are literally the most itsy-bitsy item they have available, I’m confident in saying that good things come in small packages.

(In a close second, Ankit’s adorable USB wall chargers. Yes, I’m serious, you can cute up every piece of tech you own.)

I got to cute up my ears.

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

Yes, they are the cutest things on Earth, thank you for noticing!

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

Ankit has all kinds of adorable earbud headphones, but these obviously called to me for their perfectly round, not-uncomfortable-looking shape. I was pleased to see that each set of earbuds comes with three different sized earbud covers so you can perfectly fit the headphones to your perfect ears.

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

You may also have noticed that these donuts look crooked. This was a unique feature (uh, more technically unique than the fact that they have donuts attached to the back of them), and the reason behind it is a blend of comfort and aesthetic. This way, the earbud headphones don’t dig into your ear, and are also easier to see from angles that aren’t behind you.

Ankit Donut Earbud Headphones

Finding the right size for the earbud headphones was the most challenging part of using these, if I’m honest. The sizes that were too big pushed out of my ears and required constant adjustment, but once I got there, I started finding excuses to wear them. I can’t imagine if they’d only sent one size – I’d be much less happy with these!

Another love note gets written to the price tag. These sprinkled donut earbud headphones, as well as the ice cream cone earbuds, cheeseburger & french fries earbuds, popsicle heart earbuds, and all the rest are only $14.80 per pair… or less.

There are several pairs marked down to under $5 for… some reason. I don’t ask questions. I just shop.

Speaking of further shopping, there are a slough of headphone-headphones (like the ones that go over your head) that Ankit has designed specifically to make me drool. Each pair comes with a two year warrany, too, so you can feel like an adult while wearing pastel peach floral headphones!

Ankit Let's Make Out Pillow

On the off chance that you found my website and aren’t obsessed with aesthetically-pleasing music tech, but just aesthetically-pleasing tech in general, Ankit can still be for you don’t close the page yet because then you won’t ever find out about their adorable smartphone cases, smartphone charging power banks, USB car chargers, cat-shaped contact lense cases, daisy-shaped string lights, or anything else they have on their deceptively simple website.

That would just be a shame.

Take a look at Ankit, and if you are in the market for some new earbud headphones that will make people do a double-take, these are a great option for under $15! Use code BB2015 for 20% off all orders!

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Probably watching Netflix.