Functionally Adorable Bakeware Under $20

It’s undeniable that a standard, classic Pyrex set is an absolute must-have for anyone who uses their oven for more than sweater storage or kitchen heating in the winter. Every child should receive a full set of Pyrex baking dishes at age 15, mandated by the government. That’s how I think the world should work, ok?

Above and beyond the utility bakeware, though, is oven-to-table bakeware – the gorgeous hybrid step-child of utility and beauty – this ain’t your grandma’s cake pan.

Pretty much any non-clear, non-aluminum, non-rectangular dish that can withstand oven temperatures qualifies as oven-to-table (and if we’re being literal, all oven-safe dishes qualify as oven-to-table) but there are some extra cute dishes that can’t be ignored.


Individual servings give me warm fuzzies, and the fact that my #1 comfort as a kid was food I didn’t have to share, I am definitely pro-ramekin. Creme brulee, pot pies, souffles, pie-pies… I can think of 20 things to make in a ramekin and they’re all for me.

These also make awesome prep dishes, dip bowls, and snack vehicle. Ramekins may be small, but they hold a lot of candy for one person.

Baking Dishes

Not everything has to be aluminum or clear glass. Don’t underestimate good-looking bakeware! Always check the bottom of everything cute you ever want to bake in to be sure that it says “oven safe.”

99% of the time, a good baking dish will say “oven safe” on the bottom. If it doesn’t have a label, isn’t stone or ceramic and heavy, and you’re still not sure if it’s oven-safe, it’s probably best to skip it. Good thing there are posts like this full of actually oven-safe bakeware, huh?

Paper Bakeware?

Yeah, paper bakeware. I’m still experimenting with this relatively new and utterly precious method of baking.

You really can bake right in the paper, and no, it won’t catch on fire. Seriously! Usually, you’ll find paper bakeware in smaller sizes, but multiple sets so they’re perfect for individual baked goods – especially gifts! (Giving baked goods as gifts = education for you, treats for them, and extremely low overhead costs!)

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • April 24, 2015 at 7:53 am

    Since modern Pyrex isn’t what Pyrex used to be (it’s now usually lime rather than borosilicate glass — I found this out the hard way!!), these are great alternatives.

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