My Second Pair of Firmoo Glasses – Not So Basic Basics

This is a giveaway for everyone who “can’t justify” buying themselves a pair of prescription sunglasses, or people who have been wearing the same pair of glasses for almost a decade because “they still work.” This is your chance to give yourself an upgrade at literally no cost to you.

Firmoo, the company who is responsible for my very beautiful and budget-friendly black frame glasses, which have put a spin on the classic black wayfarer frames and upgraded them to a more modern, feminine look.

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-14

This is my second pair of glasses from Firmoo – my first were the Ludington Wayfarers, one of my favorite pairs of glasses ever. It’s never bad to have an extra set of the things you need in order to see. Firmoo has excellent products and their service is top notch, as well. Each pair of glasses comes with an extra cute case and literally the best cleaning cloth I’ve ever used. Seriously. When I don’t have it, I feel it.

Your glasses can have prescription, or not! I don’t care! Each pair of glasses comes with the option to just have the frames filled with clear lenses or standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. If you have a serious vision prescription for your superhero eyes, there may be an additional fee.

Firmoo Free Glasses & Map Case



  • Jenny Hernandez

    There are so many cute and smart looking glasses! Gotta catch ’em all! I really love the brown OK2064L, would look great as sunglasses and as regular eyewear.

  • Terry Cole

    Terry C

  • Jasi Dezort


  • I like the F1015 style.

  • I like #F047 in purple.

  • Carissa Ghaffari

    I’m loving the #F1010 frames!

  • Addie

    I love the ombre effect of the F1005, but am drawn to the shape of the DBSN65080… that would be a hard choice!

  • Kim Scully

    F047 in Blue are super cool!

  • grcic

    NGL, I’m pretty obsessed with DBSN62168. Toroise shell everythinggg.

  • Manda Vasas

    I totally love the #F1001 in Tortoise(C2)! I never take chances with glasses and just get black rectangle frame glasses basically every time I need new ones, this is the perfect time to take a risk!

  • krilo

    I love the DBSN65074 in tortoise!

  • I like the #FRM8811

  • Olivia

    I love the brown DBSN68052!

  • V Martinez

    Love #A50018 in black

  • Mimi G

    Nice! Would really love new glasses. These are cute! OEM8062

  • Veronica Clarkson

    I love these frames. I’d choose F045

  • Alona Young

    I really like the #DBSN65067 in the blue color.

  • Jenny

    Love the CSN F8605 in Blue.

  • TPS Momsthumb

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. You’re awesome!

    Would love the FRM8002 Sunglasses. Have worn glasses for over 40 years and never had a pair of prescription Sunglasses.

  • Matthew Clarkson


  • Jasanna
  • Love the tortoise for FRM8817. Perfect for work and play!

  • Daphne

    I love F049 best, but there was a bluish one that called my name. Heck! I wouldn’t shed a tear if I had any of them.

  • Ashley Kolpak

    I like F047

  • ella

    I like the #F044 frames!

  • rachel

    I like DBSN65023!

  • Jasanna

    Has a winner been chosen? :)

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