I Got Tricked Into Being Adventurous by Sudbury Glasses

If you’re a longtime reader, you may notice that I have a particular undying love for a few different motifs. No matter what the object, if it’s covered in a cool photographic print, I dig on fair isle knits, and I loooove when wood is highlighted as a design element. Whether it’s printed on, or watches made almost entirely of wood, I just love how natural and unique it feels among other textiles and glossy, high-tech materials.

I’ve reviewed cheap glasses for GlassesShop.com before, but they didn’t have anything with wood accents the first time around, otherwise I would have been living in these brick red Sudbury Frames ($29.95):

Sudbury Glasses - Budget - GlassesShop.com

Big shock, I picked  a wayfarer frame, but wait, wait! They’re red. That’s different enough to earn kudos for bravery, right? These are a little further out of the box I’ve been in for the last decade, and when I selected them, I thought that the deep, rich burgundy was as experimental and adventurous as I was going to get.

And then I actually received them.

Sudbury Glasses - Budget - GlassesShop.com

Go ahead, look at the product photos.

Maybe it’s just me and my artificial eyesight, but the arms of those glasses do not look like wood, to me.

Luckily, I’m a forest-loving, homesteading Pacific Northwesterner and just so happen to have a logic-override love of all things wooden. The brown of the wood grain and the brick red in the frame really goes well together – so well, in fact, that it may require a double-take to identify! That being said, the people who spend a lot of time being close to me have noticed and subsequently commented with notes of appreciation and occasionally, jealousy. (I’m absolutely fine with that.)

As far as comfort, they’re lovely. The pinch me a little bit behind my ear, but I’m 85% sure that’s due to the shape of my head and not at all the fault of the glasses. They don’t slide down more than any other pair of glasses, and the bridge of my nose is pretty much undisturbed.

Sudbury Glasses - Budget - GlassesShop.com

Sudbury Glasses - Budget - GlassesShop.com

Sudbury Glasses - Budget - GlassesShop.com

The Sudbury glasses are under $30 with prescription lenses included. You can’t really ask more from a pair of glasses – at least I can’t. This red color has grown on me, and makes me feel a little bit extra awesome whenever I catch myself in the mirror. I like forgetting that the sides are subtle statements because I get reminded when other people comment. Maybe someday I’ll work up to wearing some high-design style frames, but these are loud enough for me for where I am in my life right now.

(Shout out to my Rock & Republic Sweater that I picked up while Back to School Shopping, which also fits where I am in my life right now and always by being comfy and warm and soft, all the time.)

Sudbury Glasses-9

GlassesShop.com has a first pair free program that allows you to try out their products for literally next to nothing. Pay shipping, that’s it! They also have a good selection of dreamy prescription sunglasses, which I’m eager to get my hands on.

If you love these frames, find them on GlassesShop.com! They’re the Sudbury frames, and they’re $29.95. The Sudbury frames are available as a “first pair free” option, so that would be a killer way to get them for barely anything at all!

Probably watching Netflix.

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