Graphic Tee Club: Signorelli Let It Go V-Neck Tee

We are entering prime t-shirt weather, and thanks to global warming, each year we’ll get there a little earlier.

(Silver… lining…?)

I’m usually not one for graphic tees with words and phrases on them because it makes me feel like a juvenile, also I’m not a huge fan of directing analytical attention to my rack, but these are personal things. Most of the time, word shirts fall into the same dumpster category as those t-shirts with weird images or shapes over the nipples. Very weird. Don’t understand it at all.

But… there are exceptions to every rule. The right combination of shape, fabric, and font can have a major effect on how okay I am with breast text.

Signorelli Let It Go Graphic Tee

This Signorelli tee hit a good mix because it’s long – like tunic or minidress long – and hangs like tissue paper, which is my ultimate favorite weight for tees.

The length, as I mentioned, is also a huge draw because it means it can be an “over leggings” top that doesn’t make me constantly wonder if my ass is out. Orrr, honestly, I’d even add tights to this and a jacket and call it an evening. Is that shameless? I’m thinking that it isn’t because it looks really cute in my head.

Signorelli is pretty on top of their graphic tee game, but this one is my favorite of the styles they have at Nordstrom. This style is on sale, too, marked down from $39 to $23.40.

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