Graphic Tee Club: Ten Sixty Sherman

It’s been a while since a graphic t-shirt brand has caught my attention enough times to make me actually look them up. I’ve been seeing Ten Sixty Sherman tees everywhere while shopping online… I kept putting cute graphic t-shirts in my cart over and over, only to find out that I’ve been selecting items from the same brand! That’s the trigger that sends me into a brand-discovery frenzy like the one you’re about to witness here.

Instagram: @tensixtysherman

Ten Sixty Sherman and I are kindred spirits. What I mean by that is they have a lot of shirts that celebrate loving to eat food

food themed graphic t-shirts

“Avocado Toast” Tank, $32 $19.20; “Food” Graphic T-Shirt, $28 $16.80; “Donut Disturb” Tank, $24

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna Sweatshirt

Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna Sweatshirt, $42 $25.20

Nothing makes me feel more at home with a new brand than bonding over our mutual love of delicious, delicious foodstuffs. At first, I thought that the styling for the Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna sweatshirt was odd, with the red graphic sweatshirts layered over a short, plaid shirtdress – but now it’s definitely growing on me. Add some sweater tights and I think it could be amazing!

Ten Sixty Sherman also caught my eye for their blatantly sassy and somewhat irreverent approach to the whimsical phrase graphic t-shirt trend.

Ten Sixty Sherman Not Listening Morning People Shirts

“Sorry I’m Not Listening” Graphic Tee, $32; “I Don’t Like Mornings” Graphic Sweatshirt, $42 $25.20

Ten Sixty Sherman I Went To Bed Like This Tee

“I Went To Bed Like This” Long-Sleeved Graphic Tee, $34

Ten Sixty Sherman also has quite a selection of shirts with no words on them at all. They have some really attractive henley style shirts as well as faux-layered shirts and turtlenecks and draped tanks and a couple of very real ugly Christmas sweaters that I am not capable of fully processing right now. They run the gamet of casual tops, and are well versed in the graphic t-shirt game and offer them at pretty fair prices (though I prefer the sale prices, myself!).

You might call Ten Sixty Sherman a purveyor of elevated graphic tees, meaning they take the design of graphic t-shirts beyond simple font and word choices and add shape, fabrics, and accent details into the mix to create graphic tees that don’t just use your boobs to do all of the talking.  As you can see, there are variations in sleeve length, materials used, fabric patterns, and hem styles. There’s no canon for these graphic tees, other than “be clever.”

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Where to Buy Ten Sixty Sherman

They don’t have their own website, but you can find them online on these websites:

Tell me how you would style a Ten Sixty Sherman graphic t-shirt in the comments!